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Case Study: Nearshore Magento Development Service for Jarrang

Working with Daxx has helped us to respond to market needs faster and more efficiently with top quality developers who are as dedicated to success as our own internal people. We see the developers at Daxx as an extension to our team.

Case Study: Qualified PowerBuilder Developers for Cornerstone Systems Inc.

Daxx was able to connect us with highly-educated developers at a price that has allowed us to hire two developers for roughly the cost of one in the US. I would recommend Daxx's services to anyone looking to find talented, reliable developers.


Case Study: Scala Development Team for The New Motion

Previously we did look into some Indian companies offering similar services but eventually decided to choose for Daxx based on the positive feedback from my friend. He was very enthusiastic about this partnership and worked with Daxx for several years.

Case Study: Java Development Team for Euretos

After evaluation and previous experience with competitor nearshore development organizations we have chosen for Daxx (and hence Ukraine) as our base for development.

Case Study: .NET Development Team for CompuWeigh

Daxx has helped us staff our engineering team with high-quality specialists, meaning that we no longer need to waste our time with people who aren’t the right fit for the job.

Case Study: Dedicated Developer for SoLocal

Ukraine has a big pool of skilled developers with good command of English. With Daxx, we were able to access highly skilled developers easily and without efforts.