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Web Development Team for Mach3Builders

Daxx has been able to hire the resources we needed fast. More impressive still, they’ve been doing a great job at keeping these resources through effective HR tactics, and have done everything to make us happy.

Case Study: Android and iOS Developers for Ways

Daxx has performed impeccably. Finding high-quality talent is a difficult job, so we were pleasantly surprised when Daxx sent us the CVs of really top-shelf engineers.

Case Study: A ReactJS Developer for AgriPlace

We were looking to hire an experienced ReactJS developer, and after talking to a number of companies, we came to the conclusion that Daxx’s offering was the best.

Case Study: AngularJS Development Team for Studytube

Daxx takes care of everything related to maintaining our team’s office. And overall, the company has been very responsive to our needs, and our Ukrainian team is simply great.

Case Study: Big Data Software Development Team for Unomy (WeWork)

Since the time Daxx helped us hire the first member of our offshore development team in Ukraine, we’ve added new people only through this company, and I think we’ve got a great partnership.

Case Study: Offshore Mobile Developer for Pricena

I don’t see Daxx as an IT outsourcing vendor. They’re part of the day-to-day aspects of our business, we solve problems together – it’s not a short-term partnership.