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Case Study: R&D center for Kwebbl — Dutch Cloud Telephony Platform

Kwebbl is a unified cloud telephony platform company based in the Netherlands. Kwebbl has built a completely new cloud communications platform, designed specifically for Service Providers and IT Distributors. The platform is multi-tenant, user-friendly for resellers and users and its powerful capabilities can be seamlessly integrated thanks to its full suite of APIs. The entire technical team has been based in Kyiv from day one. The team operates as an integral part of the  Kwebbl family. As of now, the tech team has grown three times in size.

The Challenge

Due to the challenges in hiring tech talent in the Netherlands, Kwebbl’s founders decided to build the tech team in Ukraine from scratch. That is where Daxx came along with its Remote Development Center Service.

Solution Provided by Daxx

Initially, Daxx recruited a cross-functional team of twelve tech experts that consisted of several front-end developers, a PHP backend developer, a QA engineer, several sysadmins (a.k.a. DevOps), C++ developers, and a UI/UX designer for Kwebbl — basically, a full team for project development. These experts became the core of the tech team and started working on product development. Yurii, one of the developers,  became chief technology officer (CTO) of the R&D team after seven years of working for Kwebbl.

Since the project launched in March 2013, Kwebbl has expanded its list of technologies. They started working with Node.js, moved from monolithic to microservice architecture, desisted from C++ “achievements”, and engaged in React Native mobile development. Daxx recruited tech talents with the technical skills and helped Kwebbl staff the team.

Daxx provided the tech team with a separate, fully-equipped office and took on responsibilities like paperwork and employee retention, helped organize leadership training sessions, chose effective agile processes to ensure  the rapid growth of the team, extended the team with senior experts and hired talented juniors. 

Value Delivered

Technical experts hired by Daxx managed to quickly and effortlessly become productive members of Kwebbl’s team. The team works on the core of Kwebbl’s product, and as a result of the growing business and the desire to add more functionalities to the Kwebbl communications platform, Daxx helped them hire even more experts to join existing members in Kyiv.  

Why Daxx?

Daxx helped Kwebbl  — a Dutch Cloud Telephony Platform with the following:

  • find and hire experienced tech talent for project development of a core product, quality control & UI/UX design;
  • keep product development life cycle going (by sourcing talent needed through all 8+ years of cooperation);
  • set the team in 1 office for easier cooperation;
  • provide office & manage legal issues;
  • effective retention of the team members.

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