Home Work Case Study: How Daxx Quality Assurance Service Helped StormSensor Reach Confidence in Deployment

Case Study: How Daxx Quality Assurance Service Helped StormSensor Reach Confidence in Deployment

The Challenge

Something that we had been lacking in our application was a completed or a thorough enough testing suite. Basically, we had been developing features for so long. But we had to act so quickly due to the demand and the pace of the industry that developing a test suite became not the highest priority. 

Though it was still a priority, the other things had to come first. So we definitely wanted to reach out for some help. That's when Daxx came in and was able to fill that hole for us.

Solution Provided by Daxx

Daxx developed a bunch of tests for us. But not only developed the tests, Daxx service team also was able to configure the testing suite. Both in the sense of unit tests and end-to-end tests which are being worked on right now. 

So we're able to test our app very thoroughly now — all of the functions, whether it's just a tiny little feature or a huge request.

Technical Implementation

Before starting collaboration with Daxx, StormSensor had only 20-30% code-coverage with a majority of tests failing as outdated. So initially, the Daxx QA team fixed and updated the architecture. After that, they developed and introduced a new test to reach 70-80% code coverage. 

This approach was considered to be optimal, as it ensured prompt and efficient support for the most complex parts of code and their coverage with end-to-end tests. 

Based on the customer's request to stick to the Angular stack for the development of end-to-end tests, Daxx QA service team has chosen an efficient toolset to cover all their needs.

As a result, Daxx configured well-developed test reports with given/when/then conditions. They also provided a solution that is easy to support and extend. 

At the moment, Daxx QA team proceeds with the development of the tests for the code that has not been covered by unit tests yet. In addition, Daxx has also provided recommendations for UI/UX improvement as well as for Continuous Integration flows.

Results Achieved 

So far, we've been able to communicate very efficiently and consistently about the things that were needed to build the test suite.

And, basically, what Daxx built is exactly what I was looking for, which is great. Still there's much to be done,  but it's looking really good so far.

Something that we've been happy about and been able to achieve recently is higher code coverage. It gives us a lot more confidence in our app itself when we deploy it. 

We're not worried about running into bugs now and even when we do run into a bug, it's so much easier to find and that gives us a lot more ease in deployment. That's definitely something that we're excited about.

Impressions About Collaboration with Daxx

My expectations were definitely met so far. I think Daxx has been really good at communicating with us about what we want and then reflecting that in their work. 

Daxx service team always has some ideas and is much more experienced and educated than I am in certain aspects. Daxx QA team definitely was able to bring forward a bunch of good ideas and present them to me and then turn them into reality. I'd say Daxx is very reliable.

Everyone that I've talked to at Daxx has been very communicative, responds very quickly, and is flexible in providing what we need and being able to meet when we can. I've had great customer service and experience with the Daxx. No problems, Daxx service team is composed of very nice people and professionals who are easy to work with.

Lauren Hesterman

Software Developer at StormSensor


Environmental Service Provider

Seattle, Washington
2-10 employees

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