Home Work Case Study: .NET Development Team for CompuWeigh

Case Study: .NET Development Team for CompuWeigh

This case study showcases how an American industrial automation firm expanded their in-house team with .NET developers in Ukraine.

The Story of Cooperation with Daxx

The relationship we have with Daxx isn’t so much based around outsourcing as it is tilted towards staff augmentation. The SQL Server and .NET developers brought onboard by Daxx are an integral part of our team, sharing the same working assets and company culture. Our cooperation with Daxx started back in 2012, and involved just one developer. Our working relationship has grown over the last four years, so that now we have a remote team of five.

Daxx has helped us staff our engineering team with high-quality specialists, meaning that we no longer need to waste our time with people who aren’t the right fit for the job.


About five years ago, we were faced with the urgent need to expand our in-house development team. After an unhappy experience with an Indian vendor, we decided to try an alternative location to source the required development talent.


Daxx provided software engineers based in Ukraine. This proved to be very convenient for us in terms of communication, mainly because we already had employees from Eastern Europe. Additionally, the five-hour time difference with Ukraine was much easier to handle than the working hours completed by the Indian developer we had worked with before.

Our team in Ukraine is very loyal and dedicated, Ukrainian developers really strive to understand our business, and add value to it.

Why Daxx

We’ve been extremely happy with the engineers we hired with Daxx, and have even brought some of them over to our main office. What we have found especially noteworthy about Daxx is their strong HR presence. They’re proactive in helping us find the right talent, allowing us concentrate less on recruitment tasks. Whenever a new developer joins us, Daxx is there to make sure the new hire is happy inside the team, and all internal problems are addressed quickly and effectively.

Our team in Ukraine is very loyal and dedicated, Ukrainian developers really strive to understand our business, and add value to it. This, together with the support of Daxx’s team, enables us to concentrate on what is important to us and our business. So if you are in the market to hire .NET developers, consider Daxx as a reliable option.

Alex Oleynikov

Director of Software Engineering

CompuWeigh Corp.

50 Middle Quarter Rd. Woodbury, CT 06798 USA
5 .NET Developers

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