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Case Study: .NET Developer for Xuntos

This case study reveals how a Dutch software development agency has benefited from working with remote developers in Ukraine.

The Story of Cooperation with Daxx

Our acquaintance with Daxx dates back to when we were only starting Xuntos. At that time we weren’t ready for remote cooperation yet. But two years passed, and we found ourselves having a hard time finding a new software developer for our team. One of my colleagues suggested we call Daxx again, and within just two weeks we were already interviewing new candidates!

Value Delivered:

Daxx helped us find the right candidates with the specializations and experience levels we were looking for. I was surprised at how fast Daxx was able to deliver four appropriate candidates. In fact, it was hard to choose one as each of them was perfect for our needs. Eventually, we started working with Yegor, and it was a great experience. Every time we had questions or problems, Daxx helped us solve them right away.

The main advantages of cooperation with Daxx are cost-efficiency and a broad tech talent pool available in Ukraine

Why Daxx?

The main advantages of cooperation with Daxx are cost-efficiency and a broad tech talent pool available in Ukraine. You can find developers quickly there and cut down expenses at the same time. Another distinct benefit is that with Daxx you don’t have to hire developers for a predetermined period. This means you can stop the cooperation with your remote developers whenever it’s convenient. Unfortunately, due to the specifics of our business, we had to change our work model and were forced to stop our cooperation with Yegor. We hope that we’ll have an opportunity to cooperate with Daxx again, when we need new candidates and remote cooperation is comfortable for us.


  • Skype, Stride, Telegram, WhatsApp, e-mail


  • Create an appointment agenda regularly to make sure the communication with your remote developers is consistent and well-organized.
  • To promote better emotional attachment to your company among remote employees, invite them to work at your office for at least a week.
  • If it’s not possible to invite remote developers to your office, make sure you communicate with them on a daily basis.
  • Get to know your employees not only as developers, but most significantly as unique personalities.


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Managing Partner


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