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Case Study: Agile Software Development Team for TenderApp

Case study with TenderApp, a Netherlands-based tender intelligence platform, features how the company has benefited from working with remote developers in Ukraine.

Case Study: PHP and JavaScript Developers for Oktopost

It’s hard to tell in numbers what was the productivity growth Oktopost experienced with Daxx, but I can certainly say that offshore development helped us extend our roadmap and develop the things we weren’t able to develop earlier.

Case Study: SQL and Full-Stack Developers for Lamina Technologies

Daxx has a few modern facilities in Ukraine, and working with Daxx has proven to be a success due to the professionalism of candidates they provided, and the pleasant and effective recruitment process.

Case Study: Full Stack PHP+JavaScript Development for Workhorse and sister company globalHMA

If you’re looking to start cooperation with Daxx—don’t hesitate, just do it. I think my own company would have been so much further along at this point if I had started cooperating with Daxx from the beginning.

Case Study: .NET Developer for Xuntos

This case study reveals how Daxx helped Xuntos find the right candidates with the specializations and experience they were looking for.

Case Study: Software Development Team for Carerix

How a Dutch provider of staffing and recruitment software benefited from working with remote developers in Ukraine.