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Why Offshore Development in Ukraine with Daxx. Software Development Teams

We help our partners hire offshore developers in Ukraine and build software engineering teams through a reliable and flexible model.

We connect you with talented Ukrainian developers, set up your offshore development team in a development center maintained by us, and provide all-round support to you and your developers. The Ukrainian web developers and software engineers you hire with us become full-time members of your team. They work exclusively for you and follow your established practices for development.


Here’s why over 300 companies have chosen offshore development in Ukraine and built their remote teams with Daxx:

IT outstaffing company in Ukraine

Daxx - One of the Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine


Top Developers

We help you build a team of experienced software developers in Ukraine within 5 to 6 weeks. We have access to 185,000 software and app developers in Ukraine skilled in a range of technologies, from popular solutions to less commonly used languages.

Constant Support

We support you at every step, no matter how small or large your team is, by providing expert advice on best team management practices and helping you build effective working relationships with your software development team in Ukraine.

No Third-party Interference

You manage your offshore developers directly, without any third-party interference, using your preferred tools and methods.

Administrative Support

For a flat monthly fee, we take care of payroll, taxes, office management, HR, and retention. That means no back-office hassle.

You Pay Only For the Developers You Hire

There’s no financial obligation for recruitment unless you decide to hire software developers in Ukraine with us. Recruitment comes with zero risk.

Simple Recruitment

You can increase or decrease the size of your development team with only one month’s prior notice.


Proven Experience

Daxx is an established company with 20 years on the market. We count small, medium, and large businesses operating across a number of different industries among our partners. Daxx has something to offer to every client, whether they are a two-man startup or a multi-national corporation.


We are a Microsoft Certified Partner. This means we can receive informational and technical support from Microsoft, software licenses on preferential terms, and trainings for our developers.