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How Can US Companies Calculate Offshore Software Development Costs in 2021

78% of businesses feel positive about their offshore software development. Refer to our guide to find out how the US entrepreneurs can calculate the full costs of offshore software development and reap the benefits of remote offshore developers workforce.

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How Daxx Retains Developers in a Highly-Competitive Market

We asked Evgenia Yakovchenko, Head of Client Service and HR at Daxx, to share the main retention tools used at Daxx as well as practices for effective collaboration between the client and remote development team.

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Why Outstaffing Will Keep Your Business Growing During Challenging Times

We share what companies say about working with remote teams during lockdown and explain how outstaffing model helps companies grow and stay competitive during challenging times.

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Tips on Working with Distributed Development Teams

We disclosed top remote team management practices together with insights that will help you organize and benefit from the cooperation with your software development distributed team.

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Why Is It Secure to Work with Daxx?

If you're currently looking to build a remote development team in Ukraine with Daxx but still would like to learn more about how Daxx keeps a high level of security, this guide is for you.

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7 Signs That Your Product Needs QA Testing

Finding a QA testing engineer is the first resort for companies that find themselves busy doing hot fixing, facing low end-user retention, and battling a growing pile of unfixed bugs.