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Offshore Developer Rates: Where to Hire Remote Developers?

We shared global software development trends, popular outsourcing regions, and a list of useful insights on what to consider when choosing offshore development country and outsourcing partner.

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Your Guide to Nearshore Software Development in Eastern Europe

We grouped key facts about the nearshore software development markets of the top 8 tech hubs in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, etc.

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Buyer’s Guide to Outsourcing to Ukraine

We've gathered the data a buyer needs to know before outsourcing to Ukraine: software developer rates, salaries of Ukrainian software developers, software development companies in Ukraine, software development market statistics.

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Why Is Ukraine the Top IT Outsourcing Destination of 2021?

We've gathered statistical data regarding the current state of the Ukrainian IT market and disclosed the reasons why Ukraine has become one of the top destinations for outsourcing software development.

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Business Culture in Tech Industry in Ukraine

We've analyzed and crystalized the most up-to-date information about the business culture in the tech industry in Ukraine and created a short guide for those who are planning to do business with Ukrainian tech companies.

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How Can US Companies Calculate Offshore Software Development Costs in 2021

78% of businesses feel positive about their offshore software development. Refer to our guide to find out how the US entrepreneurs can calculate the full costs of offshore software development and reap the benefits of remote offshore developers workforce.