Save up to 55% of your IT budget with us:

  • No setup costs

  • No recruitment costs

  • Lower developer salaries

How Daxx Optimizes Your IT Budget

If you’re like the rest of our partners, you’re interested in working with skilled and experienced software developers, but also wouldn’t mind reducing costs and boosting ROI. Though it sounds straightforward enough, this formula can be a lot more complicated than just hiring the right people in your local market.

We have a solution – build an offshore development team in Ukraine.

Setting up a nearshore/offshore software development team with Daxx is a great way to connect with experienced developers while optimizing your software development budget.

Our business model allows you to not only hire full-time software developers but also achieve significant reductions in costs for labor and administration.

Here’s how Daxx can help you save up to 55% on software development:

1. Zero-cost custom IT recruitment

We screen and recruit developers for your offshore software development team for free, no hidden fees or upfront costs.

2. No need to spend on office space and workstations

Building a development team with us is just like opening your own development center in Ukraine, but without having to deal with the administrative and legal issues that come with it. We provide dedicated office space and workstations, which means there’s no need for you to buy new hardware or sign a lease on a rental property. Daxx offices have all the necessary hardware and software your team needs, including high-speed Internet connections, conference rooms, and VoIP phones, as well as kitchens and lounge areas.

"As a Daxx partner, we have seen a healthy ROI. The fact that we don’t have to rent a larger workspace or employ additional permanent staff as we grow has meant that our profit margins have also increased. Daxx is a reliable team giving us the confidence to expand our business further."

— Stafford Sumner, Founder & CEO of Jarrang

3. Lower labor costs

Ukrainian developers are as skilled as their American, Australian, and Western European counterparts, but their salary expectations are lower.

"Daxx was able to connect us with highly-educated developers at a price that has allowed us to hire two developers for roughly the cost of one in the US. I would recommend Daxx’s services to anyone looking to find talented, reliable developers who won't break your budget."

— Marshall Handelsman, President of Cornerstone Systems Inc.

Our clients report savings of between 15% and 55% in labor costs.

With our model, you’ll be able to save on software development without sacrificing quality. In fact, lower labor costs mean you’re likely to work with developers who are more skilled and experienced than those you could afford locally.

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