Working with offshore developers doesn’t have to be stressful for your in-house team. You should be able to use the tools you like to manage and communicate with your software development team. That’s what our model is all about.

Flexibility and 100% customized software development team is what you can expect from Daxx.

Everything Starts with Recruitment

We can follow your recruitment process or use our own. We do as many interviews and tests as you need to identify the right developers for your company. You can ask candidates to do a test task, share code samples, or do a live coding session. We can also arrange face-to-face interviews in person.

Human Resources

Your team is supported by our Account/HR Managers. We make sure that your team members are happy and have everything they need to be productive. When we see room for improvement, we make recommendations based on best practices learned from years of experience. You can always ask your Account/HR Manager for support. We’ve got your back.


70% of our customers follow Agile/Scrum methodologies, but that doesn’t mean you have to. You are free to go your own way when it comes to managing your team. More about our Agile Consulting service.


We undertake all measures to keep your data, network, and employees secure. All our offices are equipped with control access systems, and your team is supported by our system administrators. We can undertake additional security measures depending on your needs. 

Why Our Model Works Better Than IT Outsourcing​​

Why Daxx?

Why Daxx and hire Ukrainian software developers, Ukraine programmers

What our Customers Say

"With Daxx, we were able to handpick top-level developers, whose expertise has helped us reach results that usually require a team two or three times larger…"
Dima Kuchin

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