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Want to work with the best tech talent out there? With Daxx, you get access to top-notch Node.js developers for hire from Ukraine, and manage them directly without any third-party interference.

You focus on running your software development team, while we take care of office space, HRM, retention, and all the other back-office hassle related to setting up an offshore team.

Here’s What You Get with Daxx:

  • Top tech talent. We preselect Node js developers that best fit your needs, and then you personally interview and approve each member of your development team. You know your engineers have the skills you need because you checked yourself.
  • Full dedication. The developers you hire with us work exclusively for you and are 100% involved with your project, which takes their motivation to a whole new level.
  • Workspace. Your Node developer team works from one of our fully equipped offices located in Ukraine’s major tech hubs – Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro. They get everything they need for work – hardware, software, comfy work stations, meeting rooms, as well as kitchens and lounge areas.
  • Team support. Our HR specialists, office managers, accountants, lawyers, travel managers, and system administrators support your development team every day.
  • Agile consulting and productivity services. Our account manager helps you build effective work relationships with every Node programmer on your team, and advises you on project management best practices. We also have an Agile consultant who can train your team to leverage the world’s most popular software development methodology to its full potential.
  • Team retention. Workshops, conferences, and fun corporate events – our retention department will go the extra mile to keep your developers’ job satisfaction at a consistent high.
  • Back-office support. We take care of payroll, taxes, sick days, vacations, and basically every other obligation of an official employer in Ukraine.
  • Financial flexibility. By hiring a remote Node.js developer with Daxx, you can save up to 55% in labor costs and streamline your budget planning.

Whether you’re interested in only one software engineer or a full cycle development team, we’re happy to help. Increasing or decreasing the size of your team is easy – just give us a month’s notice.

With Daxx, you can hire Node.js developers skilled in the following technologies:

JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6 (ECMAScript6),, Express.js, grunt, gulp, Karma, Jasmin, Mocha, MongoDB.

Find out why our model works better than outsourcing.

To learn more about our services or specify your requirements to the Node.js programmer you need, send us a message using the form below.

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