Hire Zend Developers in Ukraine

An experienced Zend expert who is working for you full time, knows your project like the back of his hand, shares your corporate values — and also allows you to reduce your IT budget by up to 55%. Sounds too good to be true? Not if you hire Zend developers with Daxx.

Why Hire with Us:

  • Your dedicated team will work exclusively for you. If you hire tech personnel with Daxx, you basically hire full-time employees who will work on your project just like in-house Zend programmers would — only remotely.
  • Your development team will be fully supported. We’ll provide your developers with comfortable office space, all the necessary equipment and software as well as support staff (accountants, retention specialists, HR personnel, office managers, and system administrators).
  • You’ll communicate with your Zend web developers directly. No one will stand between you and your team. You’ll manage your team directly, so the development process will be fast and efficient.
  • You’ll focus on what matters most. No need to deal with payroll and taxes, we’ll take care of all the formal obligations of an employer so that managing your remote Zend developers is the only thing you’re concerned with.
  • You won’t pay any hidden fees. Our pricing policy couldn’t be more transparent — you pay your developers’ salaries and a monthly fee for our services.

Interested in Zend developers for hire? Just tell us what type of experience you need in the contact form below.

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"Daxx is a reliable company, and we've never regretted partnering with them. We chose remote developers to cut our costs and to hire the right people fast.…"
Merijn Horck

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