Hire Xamarin Developers in Ukraine

More than 65 companies from 17 countries have chosen Daxx to hire Xamarin developers in Ukraine because we offer a flexible and cost effective way to expand their development capacity.

With Daxx, you get your own development team who work for you full-time. You communicate and manage them without any third-party interference, so you can be 100% sure that the end product will be exactly what you wanted it to be.

While you are focusing on Xamarin development, we take care of office space, support staff, and all the administrative and legal issues that come with opening your own development center abroad. We make remote easy.

Why Partner with Daxx?

  • Top talent. Our recruiters preselect candidates based on your requirements and send you only the best resumes. You then personally interview and approve each Xamarin web developer you’re interested in, and get a team that has all the skills you need.
  • Fast recruitment. Xamarin is a rare technology, but you wouldn’t know that from working with us. We keep our database updated so we can deliver candidates within 4–7 working days.
  • Full-time engineers. The people you hire with us will give your project their undivided attention, working on it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Your own team. The Xamarin programmers you hire with Daxx are an extension of your team. That means that you can visit them or invite them to work in your office. You can also send your project manager to work from our offices.
  • Your management. You communicate with your team directly, and they follow the rules and procedures you prefer.
  • Support. You focus on Xamarin mobile development, while we take care of infrastructure, support staff, HR, retention, payroll, taxes, and a lot more.
  • Back-office services. We handle local legal and tax issues so you don’t have to.
  • Cost savings. Our clients report saving from 15 to 55 percent in labor costs thanks to our cooperation.

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