Hire Python Developers in Ukraine

Looking to hire Python developers? Can’t find the right talent locally?

Like any other developer who specializes in a relatively rare technology, a good Python programmer can be hard to find, and expensive too.

Daxx has a solution. Get connected with experienced engineers from Ukraine and manage them without any third-party involvement, while we deal with payroll, taxes, work space, retention, support staff, and more.

The Python developers you hire with us become full-time members of your tech team, working on your project 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They follow your company’s procedures and rules, and report directly to you.

Free, Fast, Effortless Recruitment

We’ll select the right talent for your company from Ukraine’s impressive tech talent pool and send you the resumes of those candidates whose skills and experience are a perfect match for your project. You’ll personally interview and approve all members of your development team. What’s more, with Daxx you pay for results, not resumes – we’ll invoice you only if you hire a Python/Django developer with us.

Full Support for Your Team

Your developers will get comfy workstations in one of our offices located in Ukraine’s main tech hubs – Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro – as well as all the hardware and software they need to work and communicate with you. Our retention specialists will go the extra mile to make sure your Python coders are happy with their work environment.

Agile Coaching and Productivity Services

One of our HR/Account Managers will help you finetune the communication between you and your Python coders, and our own Agile consultant will teach your team to work within the world’s most effective software development methodology for ultimate efficiency.

Administrative Support

We’ll handle taxes, payroll, sick days, and vacations for your Django developers so that you can focus on what matters most – the development process.

A Reliable Partner

We’re a trusted Dutch business with over 17 years on the IT staffing market and more than 65 happy clients. We take personal responsibility for every developer we hire because we want to make your Python team truly great.

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