Hire iOS Developers in Ukraine

Looking for engineering talent to develop and maintain your mobile apps? Hire iOS developers in Ukraine with Daxx.

With us, you’ll get access to Europe’s largest tech talent pool and build a team of experienced software engineers whose skills are a perfect match for your project. They’ll become your full-time employees, dedicating 40 hours a week to your project only.

You’ll manage them directly, while we take care of every other issue that comes with setting up a remote development team – office space, hardware, software, support staff, team retention, taxes, and payroll.

Sound interesting?

With Daxx, you can also hire Swift developers, Objective C developers as well as Xamarin, PhoneGap, React Native developers.

Here Are 5 Main Reasons to Partner with Daxx:

1. You want to work with the best iOS developers

Our recruiters conduct a rigorous search of our developer database and send you the resumes of those candidates that best match your description. You then interview each of them personally and select the best to become part of your team. You know they have all the right skills because you checked yourself.

2. You don’t want to work with IT outsourcing companies

You want to be the only one in charge of the development process, managing your iOS engineers directly, which outsourcing vendors often can’t provide. When you set up a team with us, you run it without any interference using the methods you prefer, while we handle administrative issues and keep your team motivated.

3. You don’t want to work with freelancers

The best freelancers are booked months in advance, while the rest aren’t very reliable. With Daxx, you get full-time iOS app developers who work exclusively for you and are 100% dedicated to your business.

4. You want to avoid the hassle related to opening a remote development center

Handling legal issues related to opening an offshore office takes too much time and investment. Daxx allows you to get your own development center in Ukraine without the setup costs. We’ll provide your iOS programmers with all the necessary hardware and software, deal with office management, support staff, retention, payroll, and taxes – all for a flat monthly fee.

5. You want to maximize your profit

Through our flexible business model, you’ll get to streamline your IT budget and save up to 55% on app development, all while working with talented remote iOS developers selected by you.

Connect with the most talented iOS developers for hire and have your team ready within 6 weeks.

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