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The shortage of local experienced developers has spread all over the US and Western Europe, so more and more companies are looking for new locations to hire Java developers, and many of them choose Ukraine.

Nearly 100,000 tech workers make Ukraine the largest outsourcing market in Eastern Europe, and we are here to help you find the right kind of talent in this country.

Our Solution: Remote Java Developers

Daxx connects you with skilled engineers who fit your requirements 100%, and places them in one of our fully-equipped offices.

You get your own development team, but without major start-up costs or long-term commitments.

Your Java engineers work as an extension of your in-house team, delivering full-time dedicated work and accruing knowledge about your products and company processes over time.

Hiring Talent with Daxx

You deserve to work with skilled engineers with profound industry experience that matches your requirements, solid English skills, and motivation to deliver the best result.

It will only take our recruiters 3 to 4 weeks to find such Java programmers for your team. We’ll send you the best resumes, and you will be free to interview as many of them as you like, request code samples, organize live coding sessions — anything to make sure you will be working with the right people.

We Make Your Life Easier By:

  • Carefully pre-screening your candidates
  • Managing office space, infrastructure, and security
  • Providing your offshore Java developers with hardware and software
  • Managing payroll, benefits, sick days, and local taxes
  • Managing human resources and retaining your team

We can connect you with engineers skilled in the following technologies: Spring (DI, JDBCTemplate, Security, MVC, Boot), MyBatis, Hibernate, Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, WildFly, JDBC, Java8 (java.time, Stream API), JAXB, Jackson.

Interested in talented Java developers for hire? Contact us using the form below, and we’ll have your team ready within a month.

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"The Android developer we hired with Daxx has helped us successfully complete two large projects. He has also provided the stimulus to professionalize…"
Eivind Lindbråten

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