Hire Erlang Developers in Ukraine

Lesser-known programming technologies like Erlang might be the perfect solution for your project, but how do you cope with the challenge of finding a top-notch specialist? With Daxx, you can hire Erlang developers with the right skills in a matter of weeks.

With over a decade of experience in IT staffing, we are able to find skilled developers no matter how rare the programming language. Using our extensive database and various recruitment channels, we will be able to deliver dedicated Erlang programmers within 4–6 weeks.

Top Benefits of Working with Daxx:

  • Work with a full-time dedicated team. The developers you hire with us dedicate 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to your project.
  • All the benefits of an in-house programmer. Your engineers work as full-time members of your company staff, so you can be sure they get to know your business well and are motivated to find effective solutions. In addition, all the knowledge and information associated with the development process remains within your company.
  • Direct control over your Erlang web developers. You work with your developers directly, according to your company procedures and project management techniques. No third party will stand between you and your team, which means the process will be fast and effective.
  • Ongoing support for your remote Erlang developers. Daxx takes care of office space, computer hardware, software tools, and support staff (accountants, office managers, system administrators, retention specialists, and HR staff).

Interested in Erlang developers for hire? Tell us what type of experience and skills you need using the form below, and we’ll match you with the right talent in under a month.

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