Daxx Kyiv

Our Ukrainian HQ is located in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital and a major tech center. Our spacious 1,500 sq m (16,145 sq ft) office holds over 100 employees.

Our facilities include:

  • meeting rooms
  • comfy kitchens
  • gym
  • rest area (ping-pong table, massage chair, video games)
  • rest areas with ping pong tables, massage chairs, and video games

About Kyiv

Kyiv has long been Ukraine’s main innovation hub. Its dominance is easily explained by the large number of universities providing high quality technical education and the highest concentration of tech graduates in the country. Kyiv is home to over a thousand startups and product companies. Its favorable geographical location has also made the city an attractive destination for international businesses. In addition, Kyiv boasts a vibrant tech community – most of the country’s IT initiatives and conferences take place here, and there are dozens incubators, and collaboration spaces in the city.

Kyiv Facts:

  • Population – 2.8 million
  • 26,000+ IT professionals
  • 38+ tech universities
  • 16,000+ tech graduates
  • 50+ international R&D centers
  • 2 airports

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Other Offices in Ukraine

Daxx Kharkiv
Daxx Dnipro

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