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Our office in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest tech city, is located in the very center of the city, and currently houses over 80 employees. Our development teams work in separate rooms — we aren't fans of open spaces. The facilities are open 24/7, and inсlude multiple meeting rooms, a comfy kitchen, and a rest area — because we all need a break sometimes. 

Meet Anna Boyarinova, Our Branch Manager in Kharkiv

Anna has been with Daxx for over five years. In this time, she’s helped 55 clients build their development teams in Kharkiv. Her main areas of expertise include HR and account management, recruitment, client-developer communication, and all the administrative aspects related to remote team management in Ukraine. She believes that the key to a successful remote partnership is in making sure the client-developer match is perfect both in terms of skills and personality.

Here’s what Anna has to say about Kharkiv:

“Kharkiv’s rich scientific past is without doubt the main reason that this city has become one of the major tech centers in Ukraine. The best technological minds from all over Eastern Ukraine come here to work and study.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed about Kharkiv is that the majority of tech workers I've met here have different creative pursuits and are overall very interesting people.

Lately, many airlines have started offering flights from Kharkiv to Europe, which has made the city even more attractive for companies looking to open a development center in Ukraine. There’s also a high-speed train that can take you from Kharkiv to Kyiv in just four hours, and from there, you can fly to almost anywhere in the world. Thanks to these improvements, our clients are able to visit their Daxx teams far more often than they did in the past.

There are currently 70 developers in our Kharkiv office, and we’re currently on track to reach 80 developers by the end of the year.

We recently conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey, and I’m happy to say that the vast majority of our clients ranked all the different aspects of our cooperation between eight and ten out of ten.”

About Kharkiv, Ukraine’s Second Largest IT Hub

Kharkiv has a long and rich history of excellence in science and technology. Once the largest center of tank, tractor, and turbine engineering and the third largest scientific and transport center in the Soviet Union, Kharkiv is now one of Ukraine’s most prolific tech hubs.

Kharkiv is Ukraine's Second Largest Tech Center

The city is home to over 300 tech companies and 22 thousand IT professionals, making it Ukraine’s second largest IT center after Kyiv. Over 2 thousand new tech graduates join Kharkiv’s IT scene annually. With its high quality tech schools, multinational R&D offices, and regular tech events, Kharkiv truly is a hotbed of technological talent.

Don’t believe us? Read on as we explore the reasons that make Kharkiv an excellent destination for building a great software development team.

300 Tech Companies, Including 27 Product Companies and Multinational R&D Centers

The majority of Kharkiv’s tech companies provide outsourcing services to businesses in North America and Europe. However, there are also close to thirty local and international product companies, including Oracle, Gameloft, GitLab, and Plarium.

In 2016, Daxx was ranked the second best IT employer in Kharkiv, according to a survey conducted by Ukraine’s largest online community of developers, DOU.UA.

2,000 Tech Graduates Annually

Kharkiv has seven higher education establishments that offer training in technology and engineering. Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics is considered to be the leading provider of the city’s tech talent.

In addition to universities, there are plenty of smaller IT schools that provide top quality education in development, QA engineering, system administration, web and graphic design, project management, business analytics, and plenty of other areas. These include GoIT, STEP Computer Academy, Spalah IT-School, Main Academy, LITS, and many more.


Students of the QA testing course at Spalah IT-School, source: Spalah IT-School

Some of the larger tech companies have their own schools to help them train exactly the kinds of professionals they need.

Active Tech Community

Kharkiv has a vibrant tech community, which is hardly surprising given that there are so many IT professionals living in the city. Below are a few of the most prominent tech clubs and groups:

Kharkiv IT Cluster has brought together 30 tech companies that implement joint projects in tech education, security and law, establishing partnerships with international IT communities, and facilitating the growth of local tech infrastructure.

Kharkiv IT Cluster runs many projects, including Kids2IT (an educational project for school students and computer technology teachers), IT Legal Support, IT-Communications (small conferences and meetups), and Kharkiv IT Unicorns (events promoting the startup movement among students).

A Kids2IT event, source: Kharkiv IT Cluster

EatDog is a platform that invites experts in software engineering to share their knowledge with those willing to learn.

EatDog #9: .NET, source: EatDog

DevTime is a local development community that organizes talks delivered by developers eager to share their knowledge with peers.

Kharkiv Drupal Cafe is a regular meetup aimed at sharing industry knowledge with everyone interested in Drupal. It also offers a chance to network and to enjoy a drink or two.

Drupal Open Mic #5, source: Kharkiv Drupal Cafe

Kharkiv AI Club hosts events for developers, scientists, teachers and students who are interested in working with Artificial Intelligence.

Aside from the developer communities, there are also dedicated groups for QA engineers, project managers, tech recruiters, and startup founders.

Regular Tech Events

AI Ukraine is a conference dedicated to the practical application of intelligent data analysis, machine learning, text mining, big data, robotics, computer vision, and other areas of AI.

AI Ukraine 2015, source: Fabrica.space

Kharkiv.js is Ukraine’s largest event dedicated exclusively to JavaScript.

Kharkiv.js #6, source: Fabrica.space

Project Management Day is a regular event that takes place in major tech cities all across Ukraine. Its next installment will be held in Kharkiv in September, and will feature 30 renowned speakers. Some 400 IT project managers from the entire country are expected to attend.

The most recent Project Management Day was hosted in Odesa, source: Project Management Day

PMCon is an annual conference for IT project managers and business analysts. It offers participants an opportunity to learn, network, and share their love of project management.

PMCon #4, source: Dev-Pro.net

BAconf is a professional communication platform for local business analysts which features both home-grown and international speakers.

BAConf 2016, source: Dev-Pro.net

Kharkiv Design Weekend is an event for everyone interested in web and graphic design, branding, and virtually any other design-related topic.

Kharkiv Design Weekend, February 2017, source: Kharkiv Design Weekend

Comfortable Work Spaces

There are plenty of business centers in Kharkiv that offer office spaces for teams of all sizes. However, if you don’t want or need to invest in your own office at the moment, you’re still covered — Kharkiv has great coworking spaces that will give you and your Kharkiv-based team all the tools you need to succeed. These include:

Cultural and Geographical Proximity

There are many good reasons to hire developers in Ukraine, with cultural compatibility definitely among the most important. The working culture that defines Ukraine’s IT industry is very similar to that of Western companies, with the vast majority of Ukrainian tech workers speaking English at an intermediate level or higher.

Ukraine is located in the Eastern European Time Zone, making it a convenient location for both European and US companies. The time difference between Kharkiv and most European countries is only one hour, while the 7-hour time difference between Kharkiv and the East Coast of the US provides an opportunity for shared working hours that does not exist in popular outsourcing destinations in Asia.

A massive tech talent pool, a thriving IT community, and a great location — Kharkiv truly has everything you need to start or grow your tech business, and we’d love to help you on this journey.

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