Hire C# Developers in Ukraine

With Daxx, you can hire C# developers that have all the right skills for your project, and manage them without third-party interference.

It takes only 1–2 months to set up your C# team in Ukraine. We go beyond simple recruitment by offering you and your team continuous support on many different levels.

Why Hire C# Engineers with Daxx?

  • You get dedicated full-time developers. Your company has its own project management procedures and you prefer to work with your tech team directly. This is exactly how our model works. We step in where support is needed, but no third party will be involved in the development process.
  • You get remote C# developers who understand your business. Even though your programmers are not co-located, they become full-time members of your team, following your company’s code of conduct and procedures. Because of this, they can offer better solutions for your project and understand the needs of your business.
  • You get a team that lasts. Our HR/Client managers advise you on proven team management practices, while our retention specialists keep your developers’ job satisfaction at a consistently high level.
  • You don’t deal with anything but the development process. Your C# programmers will get a maintained office, as well as all the necessary hardware, software, and remote collaboration tools they need to get the job done. In addition, our accounting and legal teams will take care of payroll, taxation, and more.
  • You pay for results, not resumes. Our recruitment services are absolutely free, and you’re only invoiced when you start working with your new team.

To hire C# web developers with us, contact us via the form below to specify your requirements.

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"Daxx’s main strength is their ability to find talented people, and their control ensures that I utilize the people I hire with them properly. Challenge…"

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