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Daxx is a Dutch-owned company that matches clients from all over the world with talented developers just like you.

When you join our ranks, you get to be a fully-integrated part of the client’s team, communicate with them directly, and enjoy an exclusive and long-lasting work relationship. No to project juggling, yes to exciting, challenging projects.

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Here at Daxx, we are all about people. This is why we see it as one of our primary goals to create a positive work environment for all of our employees. Whether you work in Kyiv, Kharkiv or Dnipro, you are guaranteed to get a comfortable work station and plenty of career development opportunities.

We Invest in Happy & Healthy Employees

Daxx employee benefits

International Experience & Business Trips

Our teams are always global. Some of your team members will be a desk away, while others will be located on a different continent. And this multinational experience extends beyond online communication. The clients often travel to our offices to meet their Daxx teams. They may also fly you to their office so that you can work side-by-side with the in-house team or join a large company event.

Professional Events & Education

We readily invest in our employees’ professional development. At Daxx, you will improve your English with the help of regular classes, further your technical knowledge at workshops and meetups, network with peers and industry leaders at tech conferences, and even get the chance to earn an IT certification for free.

Company Outings & Sports Events

We value work-life balance and embrace moments of celebration and laughter. This genuinely shines through our frequent corporate activities and social events. We are also big on staying fit, and have a number of sports teams that give us many proud moments time and time again.

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How We Hire

We always make sure that each developer we hire gets to work on a project that best fits their skills and interests. So you may have to go through a number of interview stages, complete a test task, share a few code samples, and do a live coding session. Occasionally, our clients prefer meeting candidates in person, and if they are unable to travel to our office, you might have to travel to theirs (the client will cover the costs).

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