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You want to develop high quality software on time, on budget, and as you planned it from the beginning. To do all that, you’ll need the right developers, tools, and development methodology. Sound complicated? Not if you use our Agile Consulting service. 

Daxx’s Agile Consulting will help you: 

1. Optimize distributed team management and build a productive team

What is the optimal size of the team, and what type of specialists would you like on it? What technology stack do you need? How will your team communicate with one another? Who will set tasks and goals for the team? Who will define Requirements and control the process on site? What are the best tools to use? Our Agile Consultant helps you find the answers to these questions, and helps put them into practice. Thanks to our Scrum Consulting, your team will be productive from the very beginning.

2. Speed up the software development process

You decided to hire additional developers to complement your in-house team. Adding additional people means restructuring the way you think about management. Without a smooth process in place, your people might spend more time delegating and monitoring tasks than actually accomplishing them. Our Agile Consultant can help you set up a new management process to grow the productivity of your team.

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3. Synchronize production, quality control, and customer support departments without losing quality

Large numbers of clients, tasks, and customer support tickets influences the quality of the end product. We will comprehensively assess all these areas, and identify potential room for improvement. Your teams will be given Agile software development consulting and then guidance as they implement the new methodology in practice. As a result your local and remote resources will work as coordinated members of a team. 

4. Organize a smooth knowledge transfer when changing your subcontractor

You’ve hired software developers with another subcontractor and you want to be sure that your new team will have all the information they need from the start. It’s important to properly plan a knowledge transfer and make sure the transition goes smoothly. We develop a plan, discuss it with both parties, and help you monitor the process. You can be sure that the transfer of infrastructure, code, requirements, and knowledge will be organized and executed seamlessly.

Our Agile Consultant Works as a Start-up PM/Scrum Master:

  • Helps Teams to launch quickly and effectively.

  • Sets up a clear Agile development process, roles, and responsibilities.

  • Grows mature and efficient teams.

Our Agile Consultant Works with your Product Owner and Nearshore Development Team on a Daily Basis, focusing on:

  • Process & Tools  

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

  • Removing impediments

  • Coaching

3 Steps to Implementing Agile with an Existing Team:

  • Audit. Observe the sprint to create an Agile implementation roadmap.

  • Implementation. Building a self-organizing team that can move forward without a coach.

  • Monitoring. The Consultant stays available for ad-hoc questions.

Agile Consultancy Service at Daxx Helps You:

  • Improve the quality of your requirements

  • Optimize the structure of your software development team and increase its productivity

  • Organize the Scrum software development process in the most efficient way

  • Choose the optimal tools or adjust your current processes to the tools you wish to use

  • Decrease the learning curve for your team

  • Manage rapid growth of your software development team

Tools to Support the Agile Project Management Methodology

As part of our Agile Consulting services, we will setup and configure Atlassian JIRA and Confluence to visualize your team’s progress and to support transparent collaboration. If you use your own tools then our Consultant will help you adjust all processes to its functionality. 

Benefits of Agile Consulting

Start Up Bootcamp

Our Agile Consultant will hold a 1-3 day seminar with you and your remote developers.

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