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Are you on the lookout for an application developer? Hire app developers with Daxx. It’s a fast, cost effective way to expand your team with skilled developers.

Why Hire an App Developer with Daxx?

Daxx takes the hassle out of remote development and lets you concentrate on what’s important-building great apps.

We take care of:


All you need to do is send us the job description and interview candidates pre-selected by our team. The rest of the process is handled by our HR personnel. Our recruitment services are absolutely free and you will be billed only when you find a great fit for your team.

Offices and Equipment

Whether you hire one developer or a full team, they will need a place to work. We provide your developers with a work space in one of our offices and all the equipment they need for their work, including software tools.

Payroll, Taxes, and More

Your remote developers are a part of your company, but it’s tricky for your in-house accountants and HR staff to handle a team that is not co-located. With Daxx they don’t have to: we take care of payroll, taxes, legal issues, vacations, and other aspects of your developers’ professional life.

Team Building and Professional Growth

You are interested in building a solid team and working with developers who constantly grow as professionals. Our HR staff takes care of that for you: your programmers will engage in team building activities and training as well as attend IT conferences without any additional effort from your in-house team.

What Other Perks Do You Get?

One of the best things about our model is that you get to work with your employees directly without any third party. What does that mean for your company?

  • the developers follow your company’s code of behavior and procedures;
  • you get undivided control over your project and its progress;
  • all information and knowledge remains stays in your company;
  • developers work with you on a long-term basis, so they are motivated to show good results;
  • your engineers  get to know your business from the inside so they can offer the best solutions for it.

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"The Android developer we hired with Daxx has helped us successfully complete two large projects. He has also provided the stimulus to professionalize…"
Eivind Lindbråten

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