Hire Android Developers in Ukraine

Are you looking to hire Android developers? Daxx gives you access to hundreds of talented engineers from Ukraine, Europe’s largest outsourcing destination.

With Daxx, you connect with those developers who fit you requirements 100%, and then manage your development team without any third-party involvement, while we tackle every other aspect of starting a development office in Ukraine, including workstations, hardware and software for your team, support staff, payroll, and taxes.

Why Hire Android Programmers with Daxx?

  • Work with top talent. We specialize in IT staffing, and have experienced recruiters and established procedures that help you find the most skilled and experienced programmers for your team.
  • Free recruitment. Our recruitment process is absolutely free, and you will not be billed until a successful candidate is ready to join your team.
  • This is your Android engineer, no third parties involved. We only step in when your team needs support. Other than that, you manage your developers directly: they are employees of your company, and no third party is involved in their development process but you.
  • You focus on your project, not the back-office hassles. When you hire an app developer with us, we set up your new employee in one of our offices located in Ukraine’s major tech cities. We take care of maintenance and support. Moreover, our support staff will take care of legal issues, payroll, and professional training, so you can give your project the undivided attention it requires.

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