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Top Reasons Hire
Offshore Developers
with Daxx

The biggest reason companies from around the world, from startups to multinational corporations, partner with Daxx is that we connect you with the right software developers for the job. That being said, there are a lot of great reasons to let Daxx help you build and grow an offshore software development team. 

Top 7 reasons why over 300+ clients chose us over the competition

You want to work with talented developers, but don’t want to pay ridiculous salaries

  • You’ve tried to attract top local talent, but the competition for them is too tight, and their salary expectations are far greater than what you can offer.
  • Our average software engineer has over 5 years of industry experience and is Agile-fluent. Within a month, we’ll connect you with as much talent as you need for your remote development team, and set them up in one of our development centers based in Ukraine’s largest IT hubs – Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro.

You’re looking for a hard-to-find skill-set

  • You’re working with a niche technology, and finding a local specialist with the right skills is a major challenge.
  • We have access to over 185,000 IT professionals, so rest assured we’ll find the developers you need, no matter how rare the tech stack you’re looking for might be.

You don’t want to hire freelancers

  • The best freelancers are limited in availability and overloaded with work, while the rest aren’t always reliable.
  • The development team you set up with Daxx works exclusively on your project and is 100% dedicated to your success. We can build capacity as needed by adding developers to your team.

You don’t want to work with IT outsourcing companies

  • You want to have full control over your development process, which IT outsourcing vendors can’t provide.
  • When you build an offshore development team with us, you communicate with your engineers directly and follow your preferred methods for software development. We’re there to handle the administrative issues, advise on best team management practices, and keep your team motivated.

You want to avoid the hassle of opening your own offshore development center

  • You’re open to starting your own office in Ukraine, but dealing with legal issues and hiring support staff would take too much time and investment.
  • With us, you get your own office in Ukraine without the setup costs. We provide your developers with comfortable workstations and deal with payroll, taxes, and sick days, as well as office management, HR, and retention – all for a flat monthly fee.

You seek a stable, predictable model based on cooperation

  • You’re looking for a reliable, risk-free way to build and grow a remote software development team.
  • With Daxx, you pay the salaries of your developers and a flat monthly fee for our services.

You want to increase your profit margins

  • You need to find a way to reach a healthy ROI without sacrificing the quality of your product.