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Hire Unity3D Developers in Ukraine


Want to hire Unity3D developers? Daxx offers a solution.

There are close to 166,000 IT specialists in Ukraine, and they are just as skilled as tech workers in the US, Australia, and Western Europe. Just let us know what your requirements are, and we’ll help you hire Unity3D developers that fit your requirements 100%.

Hire Full-Stack Developers in Ukraine: Process

Daxx Unity 3D Development Services

Custom Unity 3D Development from Scratch

Unity 3D developers at Daxx will help you translate your vision into an immersive user experience. We will help you hire Unity 3D developers who will work for your project on a full-time basis and become an essential part of your in-house development team.

Scaling of Your Existing Product

Depending on your business needs, Daxx Unity 3D developers will help you build a cross-platform application, bring to life a mobile or a computer app in 2D/3D, or build AR/VR/MR-based applications. Daxx developers have high-class expertise and up-to-date knowledge to create market-ready solutions.

Continuous Support of Your Product

Unity 3D developers at Daxx will deliver full support to your product and make sure that the end users are satisfied with their experience. Even when your product is up and running, we will be there to update it when and if necessary.

Here’s What You Get If You Hire Unity 3D Developers with Daxx 

Cross-Platform Unity 3D Development

Daxx Unity 3D developers will help you build cross-platform solutions from scratch as well as add all the necessary functionality to an existing product. Custom Unity 3D development with Daxx ensures that you get a smoothly functioning and interactive application available on mobile, console, and desktop using only one code base.

AR/VR/MR-Based Unity 3D Custom Development Services

Unity 3D developers at Daxx will help your users enjoy an immersive experience fuelled by XR technologies. Be it a 3D visualization or a fully-fledged AR/VR/MR application, Daxx Unity 3D developers have all the necessary skills to create a market-ready solution for you.

Daxx Unity 3D Mobile Development

Unity development services allow you to put your product into the hands of your users wherever they are. Work with Daxx Unity 3D developers to make your product accessible anytime and anywhere.

Unity 3D Game Development Services

Daxx Unity 3D developers will help you make your wildest ideas come to life in mobile, console, and web versions. Be it 2D or 3D, VR or AR, Daxx Unity 3D developers will ensure your game runs smoothly, fix all the bugs, implement new functionality, and help you deal with unexpected issues.


Want to learn more about setting up an extended development team with us? Want to set up an extended development team?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?

  • Yes!

What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

  • We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.

Available Developers

Andriy K.

ID : 599
Angular developer (Middle) | 3 years of experience

Andriy has almost 3 years of experience with front-end, 1,5 of which with Angular 2+. He has good knowledge of HTML, CSS and has experience in working with Scrum.



Andrii S.

ID : 605
Senior Golang Developer | 6 years of experience

Andrii has 6+ years of experience in development. He is skilled in Golang, Ruby, JavaScript, MongoDB, AWS etc. Andrii has worked with Golang for 2 years.



Daxx Model VS Developer Hiring Platforms

collaboration models comparison daxx vs other providers

Comparison of Daxx with other developer hiring platforms 

Pricing: Upfront Fees and Pricing Options

Unlike freelance services, matching services, and job boards, the majority of IT outsourcing companies don’t charge any upfront fees or require an initial deposit.

In IT outsourcing, the price includes the developer’s salary and the vendor’s fee. When you choose to delegate development to freelancers, matching platforms, and job boards, you’re expected to either cover an agreed hourly rate or pay a fixed price. With project outsourcing, you can stick with either an hourly rate or a fixed price.

Opportunity to Build a Team

An IT outsourcing vendor can easily build an entire dedicated development team for you. Meanwhile, it’s almost impossible to create a dedicated team when you use matching services and job boards or hire freelancers.

The same relates to project outsourcing because the vendor is solely responsible for staffing your project. As a result, your freedom in choosing programmers is limited to the developers who are already working for the vendor.

Collaboration Security and Reliability

Working with IT outsourcing or project outsourcing vendors is much safer as they usually guarantee a high level of code security. Daxx, being one of them, keeps up with the latest safety requirements and has received a number of international security certifications.

No freelancer, job board, or matching platform can guarantee that your code is safe from breaches. Neither can they ensure that they’ll finish your project on time or won’t disappear all of a sudden.

Level of Client Engagement

Managing a dedicated development team is very similar to working with one on site. This means that the client is involved in the management process and has full access to prioritizing the daily tasks of each dedicated developer. In project outsourcing, the client only approves mid-term results and has no access to direct management of the team members on a daily basis.

If you’re working with freelance developers or programmers you’ve hired via matching services or job boards, you’re the one who controls the level of engagement. Here you can either choose to rely on the specialist’s work ethics and expertise or keep them under strict control (however, most freelancers aren’t fans of the latter).

Final Decision in Hiring

Working with an IT outsourcing vendor gives you the ability to make the final decision about which developers to hire. In IT outsourcing, the vendor saves your time by pre-screening all candidates and providing you with a list of hand-picked candidates who you then interview yourself.

You’re the one who makes the hiring decision when using matching services and working with freelancers. Nevertheless, if you’re a non-technical person, you should consider consulting a professional before you settle with a developer. If you chose to work with a project outsourcing vendor, you don’t participate in the hiring process and you don’t get to know the developers working on your project personally.

Widespread Use Cases

The IT outsourcing model is popular among small and medium businesses that need to scale up their tech teams but can’t find suitable specialists locally due to the talent shortage. Companies that have no long-term development needs usually opt for collaboration with matching services, job boards, and freelancers.

Project outsourcing is the best choice for large companies, especially when they have predictable requirements.

Team Setup

When you begin working with a project outsourcing or IT outsourcing vendor, your remote dedicated team becomes either distributed or collocated, depending on the structure of your in-house team. For instance, if your entire development team works remotely from the vendor's office, it’s called collocated; when you have a few in-house developers, and the rest of your development team works on the vendor’s side — it’s a distributed team. Freelancers and programmers you’ve found via matching boards make up a dispersed team because they can work from any corner of the world.

Level of Developer's Integration

IT outsourcing vendors ensure deep integration of remote developers into your team. When you hire a team of dedicated developers, you can continue working with the tools and methods you love. Also, dedicated developers work for you only, which means that you work with them just like you do with your in-house team.

When you hire a freelancer, use matching services and job boards, or even partner with a project outsourcing vendor, you can hardly expect full integration, simply because people are engaged on projects other than yours and can have too little time to think about the bigger picture.