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Looking to hire best Symfony developers? Hiring a great engineer is never easy, and it gets even more difficult if you’re looking for ways to reduce your expenses without sacrificing the quality of your product.

Luckily, Daxx is here to help you out. Working with us, you’ll have an offshore team of skilled Symfony developers ready to get to work within a month. They will be working on your project full time and become a part of your in-house tech department. 

Here’s Why You Should Hire Symfony Developers with Daxx:


Ukraine has the largest tech talent pool in Europe, which means you’re guaranteed to find the talent you need here.

Thorough pre-screening of candidates

We’ll search our extensive database for those Symfony developers that fit your requirements 100%.

Fast recruitment

In 6–8, weeks you’ll have a full team of dedicated programmers working on your project 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Flexible team size

If you realize that your team needs more or fewer Symfony developers, just let us know a month in advance, and we’ll change the team size based on your needs.

No back-office concerns

We’ll take care of all the necessary equipment for your remote Symfony developers, organize office facilities, deal with taxes, payroll, sick days, etc. to make sure that the development process is your only focus.

No hidden charges

Our pricing is as clear as it gets — you pay your developers’ salaries and our monthly fee.


Want to learn more about setting up an extended development team with us? Want to set up an extended development team?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?

  • Yes!

What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

  • We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.

Available Developers


ID : 498
Middle Full-Stack Developer | 6 years of experience

Alexander is a Full-Stack Developer with 6+ years of experience. He’s been involved in both front-end (JS, Vue.js, jQuery) and back-end (PHP, Laravel) development, has experience with WordPress.




ID : 526
Fullstack PHP Developer | 10 years of experience

Valerii is a Full-Stack PHP Developer with 20+ years of experience. Hire a Full-Stack developer who has experience in Systems Development Life Cycle and extensive knowledge of the object-oriented approach. He has been working with AJAX, Socket, Bootstrap 3 and 4, SQL, jQuery, etc.