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Want to hire QA Engineers who can find bugs where no one else can, knows all the ins and outs of your business, works exclusively on your project, shares your corporate values? It is all possible if you work with Daxx.

Hire QA Engineers in Ukraine: Process

Why Hire QA Engineers with Daxx?

You want to be in control

We pre-select QA Engineers who fit your requirements and send you their CVs, but you are the one who interviews them and approves them as members of your team. And we won’t charge you anything for the recruitment process. You only pay for the candidates you hire.

You want to start fast

With Daxx, the whole hiring process takes 6-8 weeks.

You want to add or remove QA engineers from your team easily

Upscale or downscale the size of your team with only one month’s notice.

You don’t want to pay any hidden fees

Our pricing policy is completely transparent - you will be paying your tester’s salary and our monthly fee, no hidden charges.

You want to communicate efficiently

All of the candidates we’ll suggest are proficient in both written and spoken English.

You want to collaborate with a reliable IT outsourcing vendor

Daxx has been helping businesses from all over the world build their remote development teams in Ukraine for more than 20 years so far. Throughout this period, Daxx has received several international certifications, including ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, and Microsoft Gold Partnership.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?

  • Yes!

What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

  • We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.

Available Developers


ID : 574
QA Engineer (Manual) | 4 years of experience

Maria is a QA engineer (Manual) with 3,5 years of commercial experience testing API with different test design techniques. Additionally, she is familiar with Python + Selenium WebDriver, Automating CSS Regression Testing (BackstopJS)




ID : 576
Vue.js Developer | 4 years of experience

Alexandr is an experienced Vue.js developer, having 4+ years of practical experience. He has been engaged in migrating the legacy part of a project from Angular to Vue.js as well as working with NUXT, Vuetify, Ava, Nightwatch.



Why should you add QA engineers to your development team?
Check the answer below

3 Reasons You Should Hire QA Engineers for Your Offshore Team

  1. Without hiring QA engineers, you have very little control over the written code. As the project moves forward, the number of bugs increases, and there’s no one responsible for their detection. As a result, the final product doesn’t meet your initial expectations.
  2. The longer you disregard software testing, the more technical debt you accumulate. And the bigger the debt, the longer it will take to fix all the bugs when the product is finished. Apart from wasting additional time, you’ll also have to spend extra funds on testing and correcting the final product. This is why it’s better to set up the QA process from the first day of development.
  3. The physical presence of a QA engineer in the offshore development team can considerably increase the efficiency of the work process. This is possible because the QA engineer can communicate with the developers and discuss the client’s requirements using the same language, without any linguistic and cultural barriers.

Hiring a QA engineer is a crucial step towards the quality of the final product. A QA engineer is necessary if you represent a web agency and need to make sure that the final product will meet your customers' needs. You may think that the tests your software engineers can run to check their code are enough, but this simply isn’t true. Only a QA engineer can thoroughly test your product and guarantee its top performance.

QA Testing Types

In general, there are two main areas of software testing: manual and automated. When QA engineers apply manual testing, they don’t use any special scripts and tools. Essentially, they interact with your product the way the end-user would.

Manual testing is often perceived as an unreliable option, as even the most attentive QA engineers are prone to human error. That said, they can be extremely helpful when there’s a need to test the user-friendliness of a product.
By contrast, automated testing presupposes the use and development of testing programs that can run predefined tests. Automated testing is the perfect choice for large and dynamic projects that require frequent code changes.

QA Engineers in Ukraine

In recent years, the job market in Ukraine has been showing an increasing interest in tech professionals. Thus, more and more young people choose to get engineering education and join the Ukrainian development community.
Today, nearly 50% of all QA engineers in Ukraine are middle specialists with 3-5 years of experience. 25% are junior QA engineers, while 17% are seniors. This is the evidence that QA is not a newly-born field.


Ukrainian QA engineers by level of seniority. Source: DOU.ua

QA Engineer Salary in Ukraine and in the World

 Country QA engineer salary 2020
 Switzerland $87,817
 Australia $73,466
 The USA $69,680
 Germany $49,226
 France $48,100
 Austria $47,256
 Israel $45,609
 The Netherlands $49,696
 Ukraine $18,000

QA Engineer Salary in Ukraine. Source: DOU.ua

Switzerland pays the highest QA engineer salaries — $87,817 per year. In Australia, the salary for QA engineers can reach up to $73,466. The USA takes third place with a QA engineer salary hitting $69,680. In France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Israel, the QA engineer salary lies in the range of $45K - $48K.

The average salary for QA engineers in Ukraine is $1,500 per month ($18,000 per year) and is the lowest in comparison to other countries. Junior developers in Ukraine earn $600 on average, while senior developers can expect $2,565 per month.

QA services from Daxx

You might not always need a full-cycle QA service. That’s why we introduced our QC and Testing services. The on-demand QA experts will help you identify potential bottlenecks and ensure your product quality complies with the requirements. You can choose your customized testing package and involve a QA engineer only when it is needed. Check this article for more: https://www.daxx.com/services/quality-control-software-testing