Hire C Developers
in Ukraine


Looking to hire C developers? Daxx can match you with some of the most talented C programmers in Ukraine, which means you will get a high-quality code and motivated development team.

Finding highly skilled C developers in an enormous talent pool can be pretty hard, and if you are also looking for ways to reduce your expenses - even more so. You might have already considered C outsourcing, but the solution we are about to offer is much better.

Why Hire C Developers in Ukraine with Daxx?

Your remote C developers will work for you full time

The offshore C developers you hire through Daxx will dedicate all their time to your project and so become a natural extension of your in-house IT team.

Full control over C programming

You will be the only one in charge of your offshore C team, we’ll step in only if you need our help.

Quick launch

Hiring with Daxx takes 6-8 weeks.

Free recruitment

You won’t pay for the recruitment process, we’ll only charge you for the C developers you hire.

No back-office hassle

We’ll take care of support staff, office facilities, equipment, sick leaves, local taxes, payroll, etc. so that you can give your fullest attention to your dedicated C developers.

Flexible team size

With Daxx, you can hire a C programmer or a whole team. Adding and removing developers is very easy - just warn us 1 month in advance.


Want to learn more about setting up an extended development team with us? Want to set up an extended development team?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?

  • Yes!

What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

  • We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.

Available Developers


ID : 503
Senior/Lead .Net Developer | 10 years of experience

Pavel is a Senior/Lead .Net developer with 13+ years of experience. He has expertise in C#, .Net, ASP.Net MVC, WinForms as well as in JavaScript (Backbone.js, Knockout.js).




ID : 513
Senior .NET Full-Stack Developer | 5 years of experience

Sergey is a Senior .NET Full-Stack developer who has great hard and soft, front-end and back-end skills. Hire a senior .NET developer with 5+ years of experience.