Case Study: SQL and Full-Stack Developers for Lamina Technologies

Nitsan Elmalam
CIO at Lamina Technologies
The need to hire remote developers is a result of a number of changes that we have seen in the IT industry over the past few years. Lamina Technologies is constantly growing in all aspects, and with this growth comes the need to supply better tools for the operation.
We are a team of 6 people. Some of us work in the headquarters in Switzerland, while the others work remotely from Israel and from Daxx office in Kyiv.

Why Ukraine?

We chose Ukraine as a leading destination for software development, because of the quality of services, the time zone and the mentality. Generally, Ukrainian developers are extremely diligent, hard working, ambitious, and easy to communicate with.

Impression about Daxx

Daxx has a few modern facilities in Ukraine, and working with Daxx has proven to be a success due to the professionalism of candidates they provided, and the pleasant and effective recruitment process. Moreover, it is always easy to communicate with the management team from Daxx. Whenever we place a demand or even just a question, we get a timely response and a highly professional service.

We bring Daxx developers to Switzerland in order to feel like a united team. Our remote developers know that they are part of Lamina even if they are more than 2,000 km away from our headquarters. It is clear to us that if they lived in Switzerland they will be our employees, and not just subcontractors.


- When evaluating a country for outsourcing, consider the ability to communicate well with the remote team. This is related to mentality, the ability to understand each other, and the time difference.
- After the initial personal interview, insist on a few hours test task with pencil and paper in which the candidate needs to solve basic programming-related questions in pseudo code.
- Bring the remote team together to make them feel like a united team.

Read the full interview here.
Lamina Technologies
Carbide Cutting Tools Manufacturer
The size of the team: SQL and Full-Stack Developers
Technologies: SQL, .NET, Angular
Lamina Technologies manufactures carbide cutting tools, including turning, parting, threading, milling, drilling, and solid-mill tools.

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