Case Study: A ReactJS Developer for AgriPlace

Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt
We were looking to hire an experienced ReactJS developer, and after talking to a number of companies located in India, Pakistan, and Ukraine, we came to the conclusion that Daxx’s offering was the best. They were able to recruit the exact kind of talent we were looking for.

Daxx is a very professional and forward-thinking company. We’re very happy with Oles, the ReactJS developer we hired with Daxx, and our partnership has been great so far.

Based on our experience with Oles, I think Ukrainians are very similar to the Dutch. They’re very ambitious and honest in their way of working.

Tools: Jira, HipChat, Bitbucket.

- See outsourcing as an opportunity to streamline your company’s internal processes and get different perspectives from a multinational team
- Invest in creating opportunities for plenty of face-time with your remote personnel
- Have your employees swap tasks with colleagues from time to time to help them learn to understand what it is that they’re asking from each other
- Invite your customers to demo meetings to get immediate feedback. This will reduce the time it takes to make necessary changes to your product

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Online compliance data management platform
The size of the team: 1 ReactJS developer
Technologies: JavaScript, ReactJS
AgriPlace is an online solution for farmers that enables them to collect, manage, and share compliance data safely and easily.
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1018 LL Amsterdam

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