Case Study: Qualified PowerBuilder Developers for Cornerstone Systems Inc.

Marshall Handelsman
It can be really hard to find qualified developers, especially when you're a small independent software vendor working with a less-commonly-used technology like PowerBuilder. The shortage of qualified, affordable developers in our area prompted us to look around for partners and that's how we found Daxx.

We had never worked with overseas vendors, so, at first we were a little wary. Soon, though, we were up and running with a really strong PowerBuilder developer who has exceeded all of our expectations.

Daxx was able to connect us with highly-educated developers at a price that has allowed us to hire two developers for roughly the cost of one in the US. I would recommend Daxx's services to anyone looking to find talented, reliable developers who won't break your budget.
Cornerstone Systems Inc.
Independent Software Vendor
The size of the team: 3 PowerBuilder Developers
Technologies: PowerBuilder, MS SQL
Cornerstone Systems Inc. is a software company founded in 1993 to provide commercial heat-treating, finishing, and coating shops with an easily operated software package. Prior to forming CSI, Marshall spent over 20 years developing and installing software systems for these industries. This experience was to become the foundation upon which Visual Shop was built.

Visual Shop is a complete Windows software system for office and plant management that helps operate business activities efficiently. Since that introduction in 1996, a number of this software package installations now well over 350 in 8 countries, and are growing each day.
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Crystal Lake, IL 60014, USA

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