Case Study: Ongoing Development for a US-based Tech Firm

Going with Daxx wasn’t just the best decision we’ve made, it’s a decision we can readily recommend to anybody. Everyone we deal with — from developers to admin to accounting — goes the extra mile. Daxx gets the job done.


We are a rental website that helps users make lodging arrangements for their international travels. We initially hired an internal development group, but unfortunately our relationship didn’t work out. This meant we needed to find a replacement.


With Daxx, we weren’t just hiring engineers, we were partnering with a company that was going to really explore our requirements and give us almost unprecedented contact time to ensure that we were clear on their process. Daxx provided us with the opportunity to choose from a number of developers hand picked specifically for us, as well as to interview them directly so that we could hire someone who was a perfect fit.


We have worked with one Daxx developer for over six months, and have recently added another one to the team. We interact with them on a daily basis, and haven’t experienced any communication difficulties whatsoever. They are highly competent, productive, and meticulous, while also being charming and personable, which we greatly appreciate, and the lead developer is simply extraordinary. Daxx is a company we want to continue working with even after this particular project is finished.
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