Case Study: Java Development Team for Euretos

Onno Becker Hof
Insiders of a startup company know it is a challenge to find quality Java developers willing to embrace the associated risk / reward ratio without paying way above market rate. And it is even harder if the right Java Developer needs to be found in the Netherlands as current demand is high.

After evaluation and previous experience with competitor nearshore development organizations we have chosen for Daxx (and hence Ukraine) as our base for development. Daxx, being a Dutch legal entity, simplified contract associated discussions for us.

The experience with Daxx is very positive and they deliver the Java development resources we are looking for. The English classes for my team, pizza parties and corporate events are part of the Daxx approach and I consider this an important element to build up a sustainable development team. Daxx takes care of the team members’ social contributions, pension fund payments, taxes, vacations, sick leaves and the like which means I don’t have to worry about this and can fully concentrate on the actual development work.

Last but not least; when hiring developers from other countries one should also be prepared for cultural differences and possible communication difficulties with your team. Tatyana (HR) helped us to understand each other and to find the right way of our collaboration. It took us around 4 weeks to build trustworthy relations and start working as a team. Now everything works smoothly.
Technologies: Java
Euretos is a start-up that was founded in 2012. The company is privately held. The founders of Euretos have extensive backgrounds in bio-informatics & semantics, IT integration and IT support, network solutions, big data solutions and decision support systems. The Euretos Bio Relations and Intelligence Network [BRAIN] provides integrated access to an unprecedented body of key life sciences resources. BRAIN reduces time spent on desk and lab research dramatically while helping you to discover knowledge you would otherwise never have found.
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