Case Study: Big Data Software Development Team for Unomy (WeWork)

Dima Kuchin
With Daxx, we were able to handpick top-level developers, whose expertise has helped us reach results that usually require a team two or three times larger than ours.

When I joined Unomy as the CTO, the company already had an alpha product we could present to investors. To further develop our software, I had to build an engineering team experienced in building rich big data applications.

Developers with the required level of expertise are very expensive in Israel, and finding them locally isn’t easy, so we decided to look for big data talent in Ukraine.

Daxx has allowed us to hire top engineers fast and also save on workstation setup, insurance, and other expenses that come with hiring an employee in Israel.

Our HR/Account Manager at Daxx helps us sustain a healthy working relationship with the offshore team. Being in the same office with our software engineers, he deals with a lot of issues on the local level and brings me in only if he needs my involvement.

Since the time Daxx helped us hire the first member of our offshore development team in Ukraine, we’ve added new people only through this company, and I think we’ve got a great partnership.

Tools: Jira, Slack, Skype

- at the interview stage, give your candidates coding tasks to test their problem-solving skills and see how well they understand your requirements
- hire experienced developers because they’re more independent and motivated to work hard
- have a daily stand-up meeting to keep the entire team on the same page and do one-on-one calls to discuss smaller technical questions
- call instead of exchanging messages to save time
Sales and marketing intelligence platform
The size of the team: Team Lead, Big Data Architect, Senior Python Developer, Front-End Developer, DevOps Engineer, Web Developer (part-time), QA Engineer (part-time).
Technologies: Hadoop, Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Unomy is a unique sales and marketing intelligence platform which offers business information on over 7 million companies and 75 million people, and allows users to build lists of targeted prospects easily and effectively.

At the beginning of 2015, Unomy was distinguished as the highest-rated sales intelligence platform in terms of customer satisfaction by G2Crowd, the world’s leading business software review website. In 2017, Unomy was acquired by the global workspace network WeWork.

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