Case Study: Android and iOS Developers for Ways

Eivind Lindbråten
The Android developer we hired with Daxx has helped us successfully complete two large projects. He has also provided the stimulus to professionalize the way we work: you can’t have a sloppy workflow when you work with remote team members.

We hired Vladimir when we landed a major project, but didn’t have the internal capacity to complete it and couldn’t find suitable local talent in time.

We have had plenty of experience working with freelancers from different parts of the world, and have seen a lot of different behaviors from them. However, when it comes to our Android app developer from Ukraine, any differences in culture have been negligible. We think in a similar way, and the result he produces is always top quality.

The remote model has numerous advantages over working with freelancers, one of which is that remote employees work full-time, meaning that you know exactly how many hours they can put in and when you can contact them. It’s just a lot more predictable in this way.

From a project management standpoint, Daxx has performed impeccably. Finding high quality talent is a difficult job, so we were pleasantly surprised when Daxx sent us the CVs of really top-shelf engineers: thanks to them, we only needed to choose the absolute cream of the crop. They have also always been fast to respond whenever we contacted them. We’ve been fully satisfied with our cooperation, so we’ve recently added an iOS developer to our team through Daxx.

Tools: Trello, GitHub.

- when hiring new people to your team, make decisions based on people skills, not just technical capabilities
- put the time in with potential candidates. One interview isn’t enough to work out who’s going to be the best fit
- ask candidates about the projects they’re personally proud of or particularly enjoyed working on
- if you can’t use Agile at full capacity, still try to introduce certain elements of it, such as sprints or story points

Read the full interview here.
Ways AS
Application development company
The size of the team: 1 Android developer, 1 iOS developer
Technologies: Android SDK, Java SE, Node.js, Express, Firebase, Strex, iOS, Swift, Objective C.
Ways helps clients turn projects into reality by developing and supporting digital solutions.
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