Case Study: .NET Developers for Agiboo

Margaret A. Menzies
Product Development Director
We chose Daxx to help us quickly find experienced engineering talent to complete a key .NET project. I’ve dealt with many near- and offshore development organizations, and I found Daxx's straightforward approach to recruiting and partnership administration efficient, and their HR staff a pleasure to deal with. Combined with the depth of their talent pool, this gives them a big advantage when we need to hire more staff to expand our development efforts.
Computer Software & Consultancy
The size of the team: 4
Technologies: MVC3, C#, .NET, MS SQL, Windows IIS
Agiboo is a professional company delivering cost effective software solutions and professional consultancy services to the international commodity trading industry. Our consultants have extensive experience in commodity trade and therefore understand the specific IT requirements to successfully manage the commodity trading process. Through years of experience Agiboo has gained the knowledge to advice the best possible solutions and technical skills to implement effective solutions. Agiboo has clients in the metals, agricultural and energy markets and are especially good at providing them solutions where risk is involved. Founded in The Netherlands in 2009, Agiboo is an international company with headquarters in The Netherlands.
Guamstraat 8 1339 NB Almere
The Netherlands

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