Daxx Reviews and Success Stories

Jan Willem Bergsma
Managing Partner

Case Study: .NET Developer for Xuntos

Our acquaintance with Daxx dates back to when we were only starting Xuntos. At that time we weren’t ready for remote cooperation yet. But two years passed, and we found ourselves having a hard time finding a new software developer for our team. One of my colleagues suggested we call Daxx again, and within just two weeks we were already interviewing new candidates! Daxx helped us find the right candidates…
Jurgen Delfos

Case Study: Software Development Team for Carerix

The commitment of our Ukrainian developers is something I am very pleased with. Our problems are their problems too. I’m very happy with my development team’s attitude to our cooperation. Initially, Daxx wasn’t providing the type of model that worked well for our needs, that is just finding talent that matched our requirements and providing them with workstations. At the moment, we are transitioning…
Eivind Lindbråten

Case Study: Android and iOS Developers for Ways

The Android developer we hired with Daxx has helped us successfully complete two large projects. He has also provided the stimulus to professionalize the way we work: you can’t have a sloppy workflow when you work with remote team members. We hired Vladimir when we landed a major project, but didn’t have the internal capacity to complete it and couldn’t find suitable local talent in time. We…
Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt

Case Study: A ReactJS Developer for AgriPlace

We were looking to hire an experienced ReactJS developer, and after talking to a number of companies located in India, Pakistan, and Ukraine, we came to the conclusion that Daxx’s offering was the best. They were able to recruit the exact kind of talent we were looking for. Daxx is a very professional and forward-thinking company. We’re very happy with Oles, the ReactJS developer we hired with…
Stepan Suvorov
VP of Engineering

Case Study: AngularJS Development Team for Studytube

The team we built with Daxx is made up of reliable JavaScript developers who produce high-quality code. The remote model is definitely working out well for us. When I joined Studytube as a senior JavaScript developer, my mission was to build an AngularJS team to further develop our platform. Finding experienced JavaScript engineers was hard, and finding AngularJS developers was even harder. I decided…
Dima Kuchin

Case Study: Big Data Software Development Team for Unomy (WeWork)

With Daxx, we were able to handpick top-level developers, whose expertise has helped us reach results that usually require a team two or three times larger than ours. When I joined Unomy as the CTO, the company already had an alpha product we could present to investors. To further develop our software, I had to build an engineering team experienced in building rich big data applications. Developers…
Haneen Dabain

Case Study: Offshore Mobile Developer for Pricena

Since 2013, Pricena has been helping online shoppers in the Middle East make well-informed purchasing decisions by offering accurate information on products sold at more than 120 stores across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Kuwait. In November 2015, Pricena was recognized as the Online Startup of the Year by Du Enterprise Agility Awards. Challenge We had a pretty bad Android app and a very basic…
Onno Becker Hof

Case Study: Java Development Team for Euretos

Insiders of a startup company know it is a challenge to find quality Java developers willing to embrace the associated risk / reward ratio without paying way above market rate. And it is even harder if the right Java Developer needs to be found in the Netherlands as current demand is high. After evaluation and previous experience with competitor nearshore development organizations we have chosen for…
Stafford Sumner
Founder & CEO

Case Study: Nearshore Magento Development Service for Jarrang

Since 2003, our company has been helping businesses to grow online, develop marketing strategies and execute them via email marketing, PPC, SEO, and SMM. We’ve seen 100% revenue growth during the last 12 months, so Jarrang is expanding rapidly, largely due to the increase in our Magento web development and integrated marketing proposition. In 2015, in order to increase the value we offer to retail…
Alex Oleynikov
Director of Software Engineering

Case Study: .NET Development Team for CompuWeigh

The relationship we have with Daxx isn’t so much based around outsourcing as it is tilted towards staff augmentation. The SQL Server and .NET developers brought onboard by Daxx are an integral part of our team, sharing the same working assets and company culture. Our cooperation with Daxx started back in 2012, and involved just one developer. Our working relationship has grown over the last four…
Marshall Handelsman

Case Study: Qualified PowerBuilder Developers for Cornerstone Systems Inc.

It can be really hard to find qualified developers, especially when you're a small independent software vendor working with a less-commonly-used technology like PowerBuilder. The shortage of qualified, affordable developers in our area prompted us to look around for partners and that's how we found Daxx. We had never worked with overseas vendors, so, at first we were a little wary. Soon, though, we…
Sara Oudenbroek-Esmeijer

Case Study: .NET Developers for Axon Pharius

It is a delight to work with Daxx. They are very keen on delivering the right resources for our organization. And make sure these resources remain satisfied in their daily job. The resources delivered are well skilled, dedicated and committed to the work. The key for this mutual success is to know exactly what skills you require.
Sander Nijssen

Case Study: Scala Development Team for The New Motion

Previously we did look into some Indian companies offering similar services but eventually decided to choose for Daxx based on the positive feedback from my friend. He was very enthusiastic about this partnership and worked with Daxx for several years. There are two main reasons why we decided to look at the remote solution. One is the lack of availability of good developers in Holland and the fact…
Merijn Horck

Case Study: Dedicated Developer for SoLocal

Daxx is a reliable company, and we've never regretted partnering with them. We chose remote developers to cut our costs and to hire the right people fast. Ukraine has a big pool of skilled developers with good command of English. With Daxx, we were able to access highly skilled developers easily and without efforts. The one hour difference with Ukraine is negligible in comparison to the 4–5 hour…
Margaret A. Menzies
Product Development Director

Case Study: .NET Developers for Agiboo

We chose Daxx to help us quickly find experienced engineering talent to complete a key .NET project. I’ve dealt with many near- and offshore development organizations, and I found Daxx's straightforward approach to recruiting and partnership administration efficient, and their HR staff a pleasure to deal with. Combined with the depth of their talent pool, this gives them a big advantage when we…
Nilco Boven
Director Development and Support

Case Study: ASP.NET Developers for Paralax

Since November 2010, Paralax has been working with a Daxx development team to create customized applications for clients that interface with our standard software, Rostar CAS. The selection of new developers has been very smooth and in good cooperation with Daxx in Kiev. The skilled and professional Daxx developers, who worked with our Russian teamleader, speak the same language and are easy to work…
Johan van den Bosch
Senior Project Manager

Case Study: Qualified PHP Developers for FRMWRK

Flexible organization, dedicated people.
Stefan Hes

Case Study: PHP Programmers for Hestec

We had been looking for highly skilled programmers for a long time, but they were hard to find in the Netherlands. Early in 2012 we contacted Daxx. We had a good feeling about them from the first moment. We started small with hiring one programmer in Ukraine, but we already have plans to expand our team. Daxx is highly professional, and provides support when and where we need it.

Web Development Team for Mach3Builders

Daxx has been able to hire the resources we needed fast. More impressive still, they’ve been doing a great job at keeping these resources through effective HR tactics, and have done everything to make us happy. Challenge We are a web-based tech company from the Netherlands working with local advertising agencies. We wanted to expand our team in order to achieve more flexibility, but finding skilled…

Case Study: Team Augmentation for IGM Technology

Daxx’s main strength is their ability to find talented people, and their control ensures that I utilize the people I hire with them properly. Challenge IGM Technology provides a cloud-based solution that improves the efficiency of the close-to-filing process. In 2014, when the product was still in the development stage, I needed to hire a professional with sufficient knowledge of cloud technologies,…
Liad Guez
Co-Founder and VP Product

Case Study: PHP and JavaScript Developers for Oktopost

At Oktopost we look for highly ambitious and motivated people who are ready to look beyond a nine-to-five job. But after we had monitored Israeli market, we realized we couldn’t find appropriate candidates. That’s why, our main goal with Daxx was to recruit additional developers with the right skills and specializations. Why Daxx? Having analyzed a number of outsourcing providers, we chose Daxx…
Drew Dorgan
globalHMA/Workhorse Development Owner

Case Study: Full Stack PHP+JavaScript Development for Workhorse and sister company globalHMA

On Cooperation with Daxx In addition to finding proficient developers, we have to stick to the high security standards of our clients. With Daxx, we were able to satisfy this requirement by setting up our own servers and security protocols for our code to make sure it’s secure. Apart from security, Daxx also helped us solve many other project-related issues. Tetiana, our remote developer, came into…
Nitsan Elmalam
CIO at Lamina Technologies

Case Study: SQL and Full-Stack Developers for Lamina Technologies

The need to hire remote developers is a result of a number of changes that we have seen in the IT industry over the past few years. Lamina Technologies is constantly growing in all aspects, and with this growth comes the need to supply better tools for the operation. We are a team of 6 people. Some of us work in the headquarters in Switzerland, while the others work remotely from Israel and from Daxx…

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