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Launch Workshop

Strategic extension of your software development capacities with Launch Workshop from Daxx. 

We offer process consulting, strategic planning, requirements elicitation, analysis and documentation as a single service which can enable and facilitate your future cooperation with a remote software development team. 

Our goal is to empower you to make the right project management decisions, transform them into a structured action plan, and build a high-performance software development team.

Our experts will evaluate your business case, product requirements, and current team composition to reveal potential business opportunities and risks as well as identify the right set of skills and value-added services to help you scale up your project. 

We're Here to Help, In Case You:

  • Need to optimize your budget while expanding your capacities and building a productive software development team;
  • Need to define the optimal team composition, scope, and development timeframe for your project;
  • Want to develop a comprehensive hiring and onboarding plan for your dedicated team;
  • Need expert advice regarding the roles and responsibilities of your dedicated team members;
  • Want to identify development opportunities and potential risks;
  • Need to eliminate waste, reduce risks and time-to-market with the help of strategic consulting and planning;

How It Works:

Initiation and Planning

We analyze the current software development process and evaluate your business needs and product requirements;

We schedule live on-site sessions with your key stakeholders and our in-house consultants.

We define the optimal team composition and suggest an appropriate skill set for your project;


We develop a hiring plan and advise on the necessary procedures and initiatives for building a productive software development team;

We conduct an in-depth analysis to identify key risks and gaps and develop an effective response strategy;

We can also create a comprehensive onboarding plan for your brand new development team;


We document every procedure and present the results in the form of a step-by-step action plan;


We provide ongoing support for projects we’ve released and help in adjusting them to meet changing consumer demands;


Haneen Dabain


I’ve had a reliable partner in building a product that I needed for my company. I’m a technical person, so I can evaluate the code and confirm that the quality provided by Daxx developers is really good.

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With Daxx, You Will Get:


  • Enhanced software quality and team productivity
  • Managed team extension and onboarding
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Well-orchestrated and documented processes
  • Identified risks and opportunities
  • Structured action plan

Want to learn more about setting up an extended development team with us? Want to set up an extended development team?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?

  • Yes!

What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

  • We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.

Available Developers

Sergiy M.

ID : 595
Angular Developer (Middle) | 2 years of experience

Sergiy is a Front-end developer with 2 years of experience in development of projects of different terms and complexity. He’s been working for over a year with Angular and 9 months with ReactJS.



Kateryna Ch.

ID : 596
Senior Magento Developer | 7 years of experience

Kateryna has been working as a Front-End Magento Developer for more than 7 years. For the last 3 years, she was working on a global e-commerce company and cover several internal projects at the same time.



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