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Have you already thought about Scrum offshoring as a way to reduce your IT expenses? We have a much more attractive solution. Daxx can help you hire skilled software developers in Ukraine and set up a Scrum team who will be working on your project full time, learn about your corporate culture and business values, and become an indispensable part of your in-house IT department.

Why You Should Set Up a Scrum Development Team with Daxx:

  • You will work with the best tech talent. We’ll scour our extensive database of Ukrainian IT professionals and send you the resumes only of those Scrum developers who fully match your description.
  • You will enjoy significant cost reductions. In Ukraine, the developers’ salaries are about a half smaller than those of Western European and American tech workers, which means your IT expenses will decrease but the quality of your product will remain on top.
  • You’ll get qualified Scrum consulting. Our own Scrum consultant will help you build a productive Scrum team, increasing the speed of the development process dramatically.
  • You will communicate with your Scrum developers directly. No third-party involved. You’ll be the only one managing your Scrum programming team.
  • You will receive back-office support. Your offshore Scrum team will be provided with all the necessary equipment and tools for efficient collaboration. We’ll also take care of payroll, taxes, sick leaves, etc. so you can focus on your developers 100 percent.

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