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Daxx is a tech partner that specializes in matching tech businesses with top-notch Agile offshore developers. We’ll help you build a Scrum offshore development team in Ukraine that will work on your project full time, adhere to your corporate culture and business values, and become an indispensable part of your in-house tech department.

Why Set Up a Scrum Offshore Development Team?

Set up a Scrum offshore development team with Daxx to:


Drive ROI Faster

Build an Agile offshore team of developers to reduce time to market and get instant revenue from new features.

When you hire Agile offshore programmers, you don’t have to wait until the product is completed. Roll out new features each sprint and immediately generate income.

Introduce Transparency

Make your development process transparent and keep all stakeholders informed about the most recent updates.

Communicate with your Scrum developers directly and track development progress using the tools that suit your needs.

Improve Product Quality

Ensure high quality of your product by making regular reviews and addressing issues on time.

The Scrum developers in your Agile offshore development team will fix bugs within a sprint, which means that each new pack of features you roll out will be market-ready.


Why Set Up a Team of Scrum Developers with Daxx?

In 20 years, our international team of specialists has helped more than 300 businesses connect with high-quality tech specialists. Daxx will help you find and hire Agile offshore developers that match your technical requirements, budget, and corporate culture. 


Work with the experienced Agile offshore developers

We’ll scour our extensive database of Ukrainian IT professionals and send you the resumes only of those Scrum developers who fully match your description.

Enjoy high-quality work at reasonable remuneration

We’re a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with ISO 9001 Certification and access to Ukrainian tech talents, which means that you’ll receive high-quality development services without overblown expenses.

Get qualified Scrum consulting from Daxx on request

Our own Scrum consultant will help you build a productive Scrum offshore development team and increase the speed of the development process.

Communicate with your Scrum developers directly

No third party involved. You’ll be the only one managing your Scrum programming team.

Retain your Agile developers with Daxx

Each of the developers you hire with Daxx is involved in our retention process from day one.

During our cooperation, our HR Client Managers will conduct performance reviews and keep track of your developers’ performance and job satisfaction.

Receive back-office support and concentrate on business

We’ll provide your Scrum offshore development team with all the necessary equipment and tools for efficient collaboration.

We’ll also take care of payroll, taxes, sick leaves, etc. so you can focus on managing the development process 100 percent.


How to Set Up an Offshore Scrum Development Team with Daxx?

We’ll help you build an offshore team of developers by exclusively choosing each tech specialist according to your requirements. As our client, you’ll be a part of a simple and transparent hiring process designed to maximize the positive results of our collaboration.


recruitment-process-at-daxx20190116.png (1110×404)



1. Share Your Requirements with Our Recruiters

We start by collecting all the necessary information about the candidate: technology expertise, salary expectations, location, and soft skills.

Once we have a full scope of requirements for the prospective teammate, we post a vacancy online and put a dedicated recruiter on the search for matching professionals. The recruiter also organizes and oversees the communication between you and the prospects. The recruitment services we offer are risk-free for you since we charge only after you decide to hire a tech specialist with us.

2.Select and Interview Engineers

After your dedicated recruiter has gathered a number of relevant resumes that match your description, you begin the interview process. You have unlimited time to conduct interviews with as many candidates as you need.

Daxx opens direct access to Ukraine’s vast tech talent pool of 200K tech specialists, which gives you high chances of finding those offshore Agile developers that will match your needs down to your target

3. Hire the Best Software Developers and Start Working

When you’re done with the interviews and are ready to settle on the perfect candidate, we set up a fully-equipped workstation in one of our offices located in Ukraine’s biggest tech hubs — Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Lviv — and prepare the necessary documentation.

The agile offshore developers you hire with Daxx report directly to you and work for you just like your in-house team members — 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

4. Retain Your Software Developers with Our HR Manager

The Agile developers you hire with Daxx work in comfortable offices and participate in corporate knowledge-exchange events from their first day on your project.

During our collaboration, your dedicated HR Client Manager evaluates your developers’ job satisfaction, facilitates performance reviews, and gathers your feedback on their progress.


Why Set Up an Agile Offshore Development Team in Ukraine?

  • Ukraine is a one-hour flight away from the majority of European countries, which results in 7 to 8 working hours overlap and close cultural proximity. There are direct flights from Kyiv to London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and New York, and many others of the world’s biggest tech hubs.
  • The tech talent market in Ukraine is the 2nd biggest in Eastern Europe. Fueled by more than 400 universities, the tech talent market welcomes 36K new tech specialists annually and is now as big as 200K tech workers.
  • HackerRank includes Ukraine in its Top 10 Countries with the Best Developers in the World, while Outsourcing Journal names Ukraine the 1st outsourcing market in Eastern Europe.

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