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Outsourcing your software development needs to freelance developers is a great way to reduce your expenses. However, if you’ve already worked with freelancers, you’d agree that they can be quite unreliable or deliver results that are much worse than what you’ve expected. Which is why building an offshore team in Ukraine with Daxx is a fantastic alternative.

Here Are Top Five Reasons to Hire Offshore Team with Daxx


We’ll help you hire top tech talent

  • Daxx has access to more than 185,000 developers in Ukraine. We’ll carefully search our database for those candidates that are a perfect match based on your description and send you their CVs so that you can interview and approve them as members of your dedicated offshore team.

The developers you hire with us will work for you full time

  • Dedicated offshore developers you hire with Daxx are nothing like freelancers. Your offshore team will give all their time and energy to your project, working for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, just like an in-house software development team would.

We’ll take care of the back office

  • If you are looking for offshore development team, we will not only help you build a remote team, but also offer full support for your offshore developers after the recruitment process is over. Office space, hardware and software, team building events, sick leaves, payroll, taxes – we’ve got it all covered so that you can give your fullest attention to the development process.

You’ll reduce your expenses

  • Eastern European developers are as skilled as Western European or American ones, however, due to lower cost of living in Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova, their salary expectations are about 50% smaller, which means you’ll get high quality code and cut your budget at the same time.

We’ll increase or decrease the size of your team at your request

  • No need to worry if you realize that your offshore team needs more or fewer developers. Warn us 1 month in advance, and we’ll add or remove as many developers as you wish.