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Want to Build an Offshore Development Team?
You’re in Good Company.

If you’re looking for an offshore development team that can close the tech skills gap for your business with a smart cost-to-quality ratio, you’re in the right place. Daxx offers a reliable and transparent way to hire an offshore development team through several flexible services.  

Top 7 Reasons for Hiring Offshore Developers with Daxx


We have top tech talent

  • Daxx has access to our top tech talent. We’ll carefully search our database for those candidates that are a perfect match based on your needs. You’ll get a hand-picked team with a delivery manager to ensure you get best stack for your specific needs.

We have the capacity to deliver a high-end service to each client

  • Daxx is named a leader among midsize agile development service providers with an optimal number of experts to meet the needs of both small and large-scale businesses. Our time to deploy a team for you takes weeks while the average outstaffing model right now can take up to months.

The developers you get with us will work for you full time

  • The dedicated offshore developers you hire with Daxx are nothing like freelancers. Your offshore development team will give all their time and energy to your project, working for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, just like an in-house software development team would.

We’ll take care of the back office

  • If you are looking for an offshore development team, we will not only help you to setup one, but also use our own assets (full support with our office space, hardware and software, team building events, sick leaves, payroll, taxes) so you can give your full attention to business processes.

You’ll reduce your expenses

  • We have different price point options and can fit your needs while having talented engineers that accelerated digital transformation and growth for Fortune 1000 companies. More quick-result delivery with ease of scalability if needed (you don't need to wait months to hire a new developer due to talent shortage).

We can increase or decrease the size of your team at your request

  • No need to worry if you realize that your dedicated offshore team needs more or fewer developers. We have cooperation models that allow adjusting amount of engineers and talent needed.

We provide fully managed services

  • In addition to building offshore dedicated teams, our services include Technology strategy consulting, Solution design, Emerging technology engineering, Distributed engineering and Managed services.

How to Hire Offshore Software Developers with Daxx


Step 1.                                               

Collect Requirements                                                                     

  • Share your business needs and desired team size. 
  • Collect your requirements and identify your expectations during intake calls and workshops.

Step 2. 

Start Working                         

  • Get screened developers shortlisted by Daxx in 6-10 weeks (in agile POD model) and you focus on business needs and goals.
  • Daxx recruiters find relevant candidates matching the needed job profile or match you with a delivery manager that will gather all the necessary team.

Step 3. 

Get Support

  • Build an open and productive relationship with remote developers with 24/7 support from Daxx.
  • We assign a dedicated HR/Client Manager who is always in contact with you and your remote team, and ready to handle any aspect of your cooperation.

Why Hire an Offshore Development Team

Offshore development team ensures you get mature result-driven talent that is able to provide high-end services and products. All of that while working in round-the-clock availability - you will always have someone working on the project.

100+ of Fortune 500 companies hire offshore development teams. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the basic wage package is typically 1.3 of employee salary. Hiring offshore developers will ease these expenses so you can grow more.

Top factors making Ukrainian tech capability so extensive:

  • High-level tech expertise

Grid Dynamics is named a leader among midsize development service providers. We have been digital transformation projects (managed IT services) at enterprise scale all while working remotely with our customers. Now you can get access to the world-top engineering talent pool from Eastern & Central Europe.

  • Ease of scalability

Work-from-anywhere ready infrastructure and effective remote agile development process make a process of hopping a new developer or another talent on a project made with ease. Scaling a team can take weeks instead of months. 

  • 4x faster delivery

Better talent, lower cost, and higher productivity than onsite colocated teams.