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Ervaring met Scrum
Team Lead Ervaring
Full-Stack Developer | 6 jaren ervaring

Vladyslav is a Web Developer with 6+ years of experience, including over 1 year in Front-end development. He has a clear understanding of Object Oriented Programming Semantics and Design Patterns and has been working with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, React (+ Redux), etc.



Stanislav S.

ID : 454
PHP Developer | 6 jaren ervaring

Stanislav is a PHP Developer with 6+ years of experience in software development, testing and support. He participated in geolocation projects and has been working with PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, JavaScript, Node.js. Stanislav has experience in building and optimizing MongoDB queries to massive databases.



Vladimir K.

ID : 453
Front-end Developer | 5 jaren ervaring

Vladimir is a Front-end Developer with 5 years of overall experience in software development. He has solid experience in prototyping, development and maintaining big and complex front-end projects. Vladimir has experience working with JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, LESS, SASS, Backbone.js, Shopify, Liquid.



Ruben Kr.

ID : 450
Front-end Developer | 2 jaren ervaring

Ruben is a Front-end Developer with 2+ years of experience in web development. He has experience working with different JS frameworks such as Angular, React, Node. Ruben has good analytical and technical skills.



Vladyslav S.

ID : 445
Senior PHP Developer | 10 jaren ervaring

Vladislav is a Senior PHP Developer with 10+ years of experience. He has been working with PHP, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Zend, Laravel Frameworks, jQuery, ALAX. He is experienced in project management, worked as a Tech Lead.



Julia K.

ID : 440
Senior/Lead QA Engineer | 8 jaren ervaring

Julia is a Senior/Lead QA Engineer with the 8 years of professional expertise in Quality Assurance. She has been working with Agile (Kanban, Scrum) and is PM Scrum Fundamentals Certified with an experience of implementing SCRUM-processes. She has been working with PHP and has a solid experience in Business and Requirement Analysis.



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