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Why IT Outstaffing Can Save Your Project

October 16, 2013

Not all software projects can avoid bad requirements. In fact, not even half of the projects are managed to a successful completion (*). Unclear goals and priorities, unrealistic expectations and not having enough highly skilled professionals are considered to be major causes of IT project failure. 

How can companies tap the benefits of outsourcing (so not just cheap labor), cut their costs and why is Daxx a lighting example of removing the largest bottlenecks in projects by the delivery of an ensured capable IT outstaffing?

No Need to Lose Knowledge Because of IT Outsourcing

September 18, 2013

A lack of experienced and proper IT specialists is a real threat to Europe. This shortage grows more acute and will obstruct innovation in our knowledge-driven economy in the short run.

Outsourcing would be the answer. Despite the fact that the term has picked up numerous negative connotations over the last twenty years, which is due in large part because of the (wrong) image that outsourcing also involves risks with respect to loss of core knowledge and vendor opportunism that is compounded by the distance separating the client and vendor.


An Interview with Gregory Young on CQRS/DDD/ES

July 11, 2013

Gregory Young is one of creators of CQRS, an independent consultant and serial entrepreneur, a well-known trainer on DDD/CQRS/ES and frequent speaker at international conferences. Valeria Kokina from Daxx talks to Gregory Young about the essence of DDD/CQRS/ES, when it worth using it and how to get started with DDD/CQRS/ES, about Ukrainian developers and his seminars in Ukraine.

Why Startups Should Leverage a Nearshore Development Partner

November 20, 2012

Every entrepreneur who is looking forward to a successful launch of his IT or software business faces some startup issues. Not only is he facing the problem of developing the idea into a marketable commodity. Neither is it just one of his key tasks to allocate capital. The entrepreneur needs to lead a research team through the entire research and development lifecycle from the idea incubation to professional solution development (and the final successful commercialization).

How to Hire Top Developers in Ukraine

September 18, 2012

Are you looking to hire software developers, but simply can’t find the skills you need at home? This article shares several ideas about why Ukraine is a good place to look for tech talent, and gives useful tips on how you can hire top Ukrainian programmers.

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