How to Manage Development Teams

PasswordPing Co-Founder Tells How He Hires the Best Developers Despite Being Not-Technical

June 12, 2018

Josh Horwitz, Co-Founder and COO at PasswordPing, shares his experience in successful recruitment of great developers. Even though Josh is non-technical, he has built a strong SaaS company and is now actively working on PasswordPing. Josh believes that regardless of technical background, each founder should take part in recruitment because a great team is a prerequisite for great business.

How DragApp Non-Technical Founders Hire Great Software Engineers

May 24, 2018

Eduarda Bardavid, Co-Founder and CEO at DragApp, shares insights on successful recruitment of great developers. Regardless of being non-technical, Eduarda Bardavid and Nick Timms know how to find best candidates. Their startup DragApp continues to reach new heights, which proves that the team of developers works in a complete harmony with the company’s objectives.

Enigma Digital CEO Reveals How He Manages the Competition for Talented Developers and Retains Them Onboard

April 25, 2018

Extraordinary business requires extraordinary talent. We asked Lee Parry, the CEO of an innovative data recovery company Enigma Digital, to share the recruitment and retention tactics he uses to compete with large companies for gifted software engineers.

How Envato Manages the Competition for Talented Software Engineers and Retains Them Onboard

April 05, 2018

Michelle Ridsdale, Chief People Officer at Envato, shares the recruitment approaches that help keep Envato ahead of the competition for talented developers. Besides, Michelle knows how to retain software engineers and is going to explain her tried-and-true tactics in this interview.


How Open Listings Competes with Big Companies for Talented Software Engineers

March 29, 2018

Kevin Miller, the Director of Growth at Open Listings, shares the simple yet crucial steps he takes to hire and retain talented developers, and explains how he competes with tech giants for talent.

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