Dedicated Developers: Tips & Cases

IT Job Trends: Most Wanted Developers in 2013

December 22, 2013

HTML5 Developers, iOS Programmers, Android Developers, JavaScript Coders, Java/J2EE Developers and PHP/MySQL Programmers were in the highest demand in 2013. Read the full article to learn more on IT job market trends.

How to Manage an iOS Developer Team

December 20, 2013

Apple is on top of the world today. iPhone is what everyone has or wants to have. An iOS developer is who every second IT company wants to have on board.

So what are the keys to managing your iOS developer team successfully?

How to Evaluate E-Commerce Developers

December 10, 2013

Not every store owner understands how important e-commerce developers are for their e-shop. But when you think of how many buyers could walk away from an online store that does not function properly, you want to pay even more attention to the professional level of the e-commerce developers you are considering.

So, how do you evaluate, say, a Magento developer when they apply for a position with your company? Here are some useful tips.

The Best Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

October 31, 2013

We are lucky to live in times when technologies allow us to fulfill complicated tasks working as a team in the office as well as to manage a remote team feeling no inconvenience. Emails, instant messaging, video calls, sending large files in seconds as well as different bug trackers and remote databases are claimed to facilitate work process and to deliver best results with less efforts. Many collaboration software is used for complicated tasks while there are some that are the most popular and everyone should know how to use them. So let’s have a brief overview.

How To Manage Your Remote Developers if You Are a Startup: An Interview with Merijn Horck from SoLocal

October 30, 2013

We're having Merijn Horck on from SoLocal talking about why and when startups should hire nearshore developers. He shares tips on how to manage remote programmers and the main mistakes startups make.

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