Thinking of Hiring Offshore Developers? Check Whether Your Company Is Ready

January 31, 2018

Are you planning to add offshore developers to your tech team? Take these seven steps to make sure your company is ready to work with remote employees.

How to Find Programmers for a Startup? 20+ Websites to Hire Remote Developers

January 23, 2018

In light of the growing globalization of skilled tech professionals, more startups and businesses choose to hire remote software developers. If you are ready to join the trend but are struggling to find programmers for your startup, here is a list of 20+ web resources and job boards to get you started.

Why We Recommend Hiring QA Engineers If You’re Building an Offshore Development Team in Ukraine

January 12, 2018

Considering hiring offshore software developers but don’t want to put your product quality at risk? Make sure to add QA engineers to your team. Continue reading for more information on why investing in quality assurance is a must, along with first-hand insights about hiring offshore QA engineers in Ukraine.

What Will Be the Top Tech Hiring Trends in 2018? An Interview with Jurgen Delfos, CTO at Carerix

January 12, 2018

Tech recruitment is a rapidly evolving field, with each year bringing new trends and tendencies. The new year has just started, but we’ve already gathered some insight: Jurgen Delfos, the CTO at Carerix, a leading Dutch provider of staffing and recruitment software, has told us what tech hiring trends he expects to see in the coming year.

How Blockchain Technologies Can Help You Make Your Business Future-Ready: Highlights From the Blockchain Event at Daxx

January 10, 2018

A few weeks back, around 100 engineers from Daxx and other companies came to learn more about the blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Two blockchain experts and practitioners Alexander Grevtsev and Yurii Krivoborodov, took the lead in an animated discussion.

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