How Do You Hire the Best Offshore PHP Developers? The Demand in Market for PHP Developers

May 25, 2017

PHP is a widely used language, and many offshore developers are available in the field. Here, we look at some helpful statistics regarding the current demand for PHP engineers, and provide some useful tips you should consider when hiring your development team. 

Scala Recruitment: Where and How to Hire Scala Developers

May 23, 2017

Scala engineers are among the most sought after and best paid professionals in the industry. So how do you hire one? Our article covers the latest Scala job market trends including information on salaries and demand, and gives you Scala recruitment tips to help you find the perfect Scala developers for your business needs.

The Top 7 Problems When Hiring Freelance Developers — And How to Avoid All of Them with One Solution

May 10, 2017

Working with freelancers has many advantages — and about as many disadvantages. Missed deadlines, stolen ideas, outrageously low quality work — these and four other problems are outlined in this article. All of them represent genuine possibilities when you hire freelance developers. Make sure you know how to eliminate them, or try the alternative solution we suggest at the end.

Retention Round Up: A Collection of the Best Employee Retention Articles

May 02, 2017

We curate a lot of content about the tech field, with staff recruitment and retention being one of our favorite topics. Here, we’ve decided to share some of the best employee retention articles with you.

The Best Recruitment Tools in 2017: An Overview of Video Interviewing Software, and More

April 20, 2017

In the current hiring process, why not make use of recruitment tools and software? Companies with newly upgraded systems save around 22% per employee, yet only around half have modern HR software. You can use a variety of different programs to help with recruitment, and here are the top ones for various stages of the process.

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