Enigma Digital CEO Reveals How He Manages the Competition for Talented Developers and Retains Them Onboard

April 25, 2018

Extraordinary business requires extraordinary talent. We asked Lee Parry, the CEO of an innovative data recovery company Enigma Digital, to share the recruitment and retention tactics he uses to compete with large companies for gifted software engineers.

How Envato Manages the Competition for Talented Software Engineers and Retains Them Onboard

April 05, 2018

Michelle Ridsdale, Chief People Officer at Envato, shares the recruitment approaches that help keep Envato ahead of the competition for talented developers. Besides, Michelle knows how to retain software engineers and is going to explain her tried-and-true tactics in this interview.


How Open Listings Competes with Big Companies for Talented Software Engineers

March 29, 2018

Kevin Miller, the Director of Growth at Open Listings, shares the simple yet crucial steps he takes to hire and retain talented developers, and explains how he competes with tech giants for talent.

Four Winning Practices for Managing Your Offshore Software Development Team

March 27, 2018

Many companies that constantly work with in-house teams don’t start cooperation with offshore teams only because of an assumption that the latter won’t be effective. In fact, offshore teams can be as effective as in-house teams if you use best management practices we collected and arranged into this post.

A Look at Lviv, One of Europe’s Most Vibrant Tech Cities

March 22, 2018

Lviv, Ukraine’s “capital of culture,” has now turned into the country’s third largest tech hub. What are the reasons behind this shift? Join us as we explore this topic.

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